Top 3 best penis extenders

sizegenetics best extender

Quick Extender Pro extender

The Quick Extender Pro is my number 1 choice for the best extender right now! A lot of extenders does a good job and work just the same way Quick Extender Pro works, but this device comes with so much extra material that will make your penis enlargement journey fast and comfortable.

The device is on the expensive side but the extra products that comes with it is well worth it! The company behind Quick Extender Pro offer great support and are always willing to help you if you have any questions about the product.

Read more about Quick Extender Pro here

x4 labs extender second best

X4 Labs extender

This is a traditional penis extender just like the SizeGenetics and in the same price range $400-$500 and it comes with a huge load of bonus product as well. The reason why X4Labs is not on the first place is because of a bit lower build quality, but nothing to worry about.

The extender works great and as a larger number of comfort settings just like the first one. You should always pick an extender with more than 10 ways to mount the device on your penis.

Read more about X4 Labs extender here

phallosan forte third best

Phallosan Forte

This is not a traditional penis extender, but it does work the exact same way, that’s why it has been included in the extender part of this site. Phallosan Forte does not stretch your penis with metal bars and springs, but with suction and a larger rubber “condom” like device.

This device is pretty new and people are still testing it, but the results have been really impressive so far and that’s why it has made the top 3 list.

Read more about Phallosan Forte here

What is a penis extender?

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, penis extenders are devices that are used to increase the length of the penis permanently. Among all methods of penis enlargement available, the use of extenders is considered to be the most effective and safest way to increase your penis size and girth. You can ready about a study on penis extenders at PubMed.

The first penis extender (as we know them today) was developed by urologist Jørn Ege in 1993 and has been the design base for 95% of all penis extenders today.

It was originaly designed to be used after a penis enlargement surgery to maintain the increased penis size, but it ended up enlarging the penis even more. There was a large clinical trial carried out to determin how effective it was and it turned out to be a very good way to enlarge a penis without surgery.

how to use a penis extender

How Does a Penis Extender Work?

A penis extender is a very simpel device that will stretch your penis – That will force celldivisions thereby increasing the size of your penis.

How do I use an extender?

Most penis extenders are almost identical and you can use my guide below, but always make sure you check the manuel for your extender before using it.


  1. Take the base of your penis extender (no. 1 on picture above).
  2. Mount the metal bars (no. 2) that fit your penis length to the base. You might pick the wrong size the first time but don’t worry, just unscrew and use another size bars.
  3. Put the strap (no. 3) in the front part, leave it very loose so you can put your penis through. If your penis extenders come with any kind of comfort pads then put them on here aswell. Tighten the strap around your penis so it doesen’t come out.
  4. Adjust the traction on the small wheels (no. 4), you should be able to feel the force pulling your penis out, but never hurt! It does take some time to get used to it so be patient.

What results can I expect from a Penis Extender?

The results you may get from using a penis extender depends on the amount of time you use it. The more you use it the greater the results, you should wear the extender for 4-8 hours per day. If you do that for 1 year the average results looks like this:

  • 28% longer penis
  • 19% thicker penis

For an example – If you start with a 5 inch (12.7cm) long penis you will end up with a 6.4 inch (16.2cm) long penis.

penis extender results length

penis extender results girth

Besides the size gains you will also be able to enjoy:

  • Improved erection quality
  • Helps straighten a curved/bent penis
  • Noninvasive penis enlargement

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

Penis extenders are considered one of the safest way to enlarge your penis – the only “safer” way is penis exercises, but that’s the absolute slowest way to enlarge your penis.

Here are a few tips on safety:

  • Always read the manual before using an extender!
  • Try to assemple and disassemple your extender before using it the first time, just to get comfortable with your device.
  • Take it slow in the beginning – Use the lowest traction force the first week and add traction each week.
  • Remeber – It should never hurt! Try reducing the traction force and try it again.


Testimonials from users

I have helped a lot of men since I launched this website and I receive a lot of emails from men around the world, here are some user testimonials that I got:

All names/locations and any kind of personal information has been removed or replaced with fictional names.

From barely 5 inches to a bit over 6 inches.

The last year has been quite a journey for me – I started out as an insecure person with low self-esteem due to my small penis size and obesity. Now one year later I have lost 35lbs. of pure fat and I my penis size has gone from barely 5 inches to a bit over 6 inches. It all started last new year (2015) when I decided to change my life and get my shit together. I started running (walking in the beginning) every single day and bought a penis extender that I have used 4-6 days a week for around 5-8 hours per day ever since. The results came in slow but steady and people around me started to say that I had become a happier and more outgoing person.

David, UK


David, UK


I’m getting there

Hey Austin, I just want to say “Thank you” for all the support that I have gotten from you. I was struggling with both a small penis and weak erections and the combination of a penis extender and a penis pump is working great! I’m still in the early stages of my enlargement process but I already gained a notable size increase in both length and girth.

The results are worth it ALL

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results that I have gained the last 5 months (+2cm length and +1½ cm. girth) that I have used the SizeGenetics extender. It was a bit painful in the beginning but I got through it and really started to see some nice gains after the first 2 months. I hope this will encourage others to stay positive and keep on going. The results are worth it ALL!

Why are they so damn expensive?

The manufacturing and material cost associated with these devices is not that expensive, so why are some of them prices around $500???

Extenders are classified as medical type 1 devices that need a lot of clinical studies and quality control, this is unfortunately very expensive to carry out thus the high price.

The cheapest devices that I have reviewed is around $100, but that’s just the device, no comfort system or accessories are included at that price.

SizeGenetics is the extender I recommend on this site, it cost $398 so it’s on the pricy side, but take a look at all the stuff you get for your money!

sizegenetics system is full of features and penis enlargement products



Final thoughts about penis extenders

It was invented by a coincidence but it turned out to be one of the most effective and safest way to enlarge your penis! Extenders has helped 1000’s of men (including me) since it was developed in 1993 and will continue to help even more in the future – perhaps you?

I personally recommend penis extenders for penis enlargement

The list in the beginning is just my top 3 list – I have reviewed a lot more extenders – You can check out my “other penis extenders here.

Buy Quick Extender Pro here

Got any questions? Feel free to post a comment or send me an email at: [email protected]

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