Top 3 penis extenders

sizegenetics best extender

SizeGenetics extender

The SizeGenetics extender is my number 1 choice for the best extender right now! A lot of extenders does a good job and work just the same way SizeGenetics works, but this device comes with so much extra material that will make your penis enlargement journey fast and comfortable.

The device is on the expensive side but the extra products that comes with it is well worth it! The company behind SizeGenetics offer great support and are always willing to help you if you have any questions about the product.

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x4 labs extender second best

X4 Labs extender

This is a traditional penis extender just like the SizeGenetics and in the same price range $400-$500 and it comes with a huge load of bonus product as well. The reason why X4Labs is not on the first place is because of a bit lower build quality, but nothing to worry about.

The extender works great and as a larger number of comfort settings just like the first one. You should always pick an extender with more than 10 ways to mount the device on your penis.

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phallosan forte third best

Phallosan Forte

This is not a traditional penis extender, but it does work the exact same way, that’s why it has been included in the extender part of this site. Phallosan Forte does not stretch your penis with metal bars and springs, but with suction and a larger rubber “condom” like device.

This device is pretty new and people are still testing it, but the results have been really impressive so far and that’s why it has made the top 3 list.

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What is a penis extender?

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, penis extenders are devices that are used to improve the length of the penis naturally and permanently. Among all methods of penis enlargement available, the use of extenders is considered to be the most affordable and effective way of increasing not only the length, but the girth of the penis as well. Although it’s true that there are certain penis exercises and penis pumps that can improve the penis size, the use of a traction device is more convenient and effective, because the results can also be long-lasting and permanent, especially if done right.

how to use a penis extender

How Does a Penis Extender Work?

A lot of men are probably wondering how a penis extender works, is it safe for use, and if the results you’re going to experience are permanent.

For starters, penis extenders are developed by clinicians and urologists who fully understand the man’s organ. Thus, you’ll have the guarantee that these extenders are developed with utmost care to ensure safety of men who are going to use it.

The main concept behind this device is that use of traction as a way to generate a response from the body– specifically the penis. When being used, the extender works by providing pressure and stretches the skin cells of the penis to divide and multiply. The stress and pressure are very effective for the regeneration of the new cells and production of tissues.

What results can I expect from a Penis Extender?

The results you may get from using a penis extender depends on the amount of time you use it. The more you use it the greater the results, you should wear the extender for 4-8 hours per day. If you do that for 1 year the average results looks like this:

  • 28% longer penis
  • 19% thicker penis

For an example – If you start with a 5 inch (12.7cm) long penis you will end up with a 6.4 inch (16.2cm) long penis.

penis extender results length

penis extender results girth

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

No need to worry about anything when using a penis extender. This device is considered to be safe and has been approved by doctors, as well as medical experts. In fact, it’s even considered to be a safer alternative to those penis enlargement surgeries that aren’t only expensive, but can be risky as well. Aside from that, the best penis extenders have the necessary certifications that come from legitimate medical associations. This gives the user the assurance that the penis traction device has passed the required standards in regard to the safety of medical devices. This is also the reason why it’s highly advisable to check the reviews available online, because these reviews will tell if a product is safe and better as compared to other devices available. Not just that, it’ll also give the advice you need in finding the best penis traction devices available.

Is It Safer Than Other Methods?

Considering the fact that it’s the doctors themselves who suggest the use of this device, it’s safe to say that it’s better than having your penis surgically enhanced. Surgeries are way more dangerous, and can definitely burn a hole in your pocket. Although there are other methods, such as vacuum pumps, and weighs, these could cause permanent damage to the penis in the end. As for the pills and creams available, they’re proven to be safe, but not as effective as using a traction device.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider the use of a penis extender if you’re interested in having a bigger penis. The key is, look for a device that’s effective and comfortable.

The list above is just my top 3 list – there are a lot more penis extenders and you might just find the one that fit you. Check out my “other penis extenders here

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