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review of volume pills

Volume pills are a quick and easy solution to a low production of sperm in your body. The pills should be taken as a supplement to a healthy diet and plenty of water intake.

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  • Increase your semen production by up to 500%
  • Natural ingredients
  • Quick reaults

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Are you looking to become a parent sometime in the near future but just can’t get your wife pregnant? The problem might be with your sperm count and motility. Volume Pills are the supplements you might be looking for because they are arguably the best available supplements to increase the sperm count.

The effective herbal formula of the product work wonders to enhance reproductive health and achieve a strong penile erection.

How do Volume Pills work?

how does volume pills work

The powerful ingredients of Volume Pills stimulate the production of semen. The testosterone levels are also increased which facilitates the production semen further and increases libido. With more semen, you get an intense orgasm making you and your partner happy.

Moreover, it increases the blood flow to the penis to allow to get a strong penile erection. Also, the blood stays for a longer period in the penis letting you achieve a long-lasting erection. It cures premature ejaculation, and so, you can have sex for an extended period.

Volume Pills ingredients

volume pills ingredients

The most important feature of Volume Pills is that it is an all-natural herbal ingredient product which makes it risk-free.

Here is an entire list of all the ingredients and how they work:

  1. Solidin – This is a herbal ingredient which is clinically proven to contain L-Dopa1 stimulating the production of dopamine. With an increase in dopamine, sexual pleasure increases.
  2. San Guo Mu – If you have high blood pressure, you are at risk of erectile dysfunction. This herb regulates your blood pressure and heart rate to perform well in bed.
  3. Ku Gua – If you do not have that urge to have sex, you might be low on testosterone levels. This exotic herb boosts the testosterone production and helps you to burn fat quickly which is a significant inhibitor of testosterone production. With an increase in testosterone levels, you are sure to increase your libido and semen production.
  4. Xi Lan Rou Gui – This Chinese herb is traditionally used as a cure for erectile dysfunction. It dilates the blood vessels increasing the blood flow to the penis to get a firm erection. Moreover, this herb is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is good for cardiovascular and general health.
  5. Dong Chong Xia Cao – This is another herb which boosts the testosterone levels increasing sexual desire and sperm count.
  6. Xian Mao – This is another Chinese herb used as a natural aphrodisiac from the ancient times.
  7. Zinc – This is a vital mineral which boosts semen production and with every ejaculation, you lose zinc. Also, this mineral is not readily available in your daily meals making a supplement very necessary. You also need stamina to perform well in bed and zinc boosts your energy levels also.
  8. Trihydroxyflavone and Embilica Officinalis – This is rich in Vitamin C and promotes the health of your penis and improves its functionality during sex.
  9. Ling Zhi – This herb is proven to make you very energetic. To have great sex, you need high stamina. If you don’t have energy, you will not like to have sex which decreases your sex drive as well.
  10. Drizilen – This is another herb which increases both testosterone levels and blood flow to the penis.
  11. Tian Men Dong – This is a useful herb which cures erectile dysfunction and is a good addition to make Volume Pills effective.
  12. Fucus Vesiculosus – This is a unique herb which increases metabolism and ensures sexual satisfaction.

Pro’s and Con’s of Volume Pills

volume pills pros and cons

There are many advantages and health benefits you get from Volume Pills:

  1. Volume Pills come with a 60-day money back guarantee.
  2. Semen production increases and improves the quality of sperm significantly making you fertile.
  3. You can achieve a better penile erection with an increase in libido for ultimate sexual satisfaction.
  4. You also gain other health benefits like better cardiovascular health, controlling high blood pressure, quick burning of fat, etc.

Though disadvantages of the product are less, there exist a few:

  1. Volume Pills is only available online.
  2. The price is quite on the higher side.


Any product you purchase, you check what the customers have said. There are many customer reviews and ratings online that speak positively about the product. There are no reports of anyone getting side effects from the supplement. One of the best reviews a customer provided is that the Volume Pills increased his sexual satisfaction within a week and also there was a significant increase in his semen production.


With positive reviews and clinically proven ingredients with no side effects, this supplement is worth giving a try because you are backed by the manufacturer’s 60-day money back guarantee if you don’t see any result.

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