The Truth about Penis Enlargement

The Truth about Penis Enlargement

Can you enlarge your penis size?

What about all these creams, pumps, pills and herbs; all “absolutely guaranteed” to add at least 3 inches to your penis. Is this possible?

You can get results that are real, proven and permanent.

Penis stretching is a very old technique that has been practiced for most of human history. There are many stories and references to this technique in different cultures. Thankfully, it isn’t the painful and barbaric practice it was then. Now, it is utterly painless and has an incredible track record of success.

The Truth about Penis Enlargement

The Truth – Can you add 3″?

You can’t add 3 inches to your penis; it just isn’t physically possible. Anyone who tells you that is scamming you- end of story. Don’t get discouraged, you can get real measurable results. By stretching your penis, you can add length to your penis as well as some girth. As long as you use the device properly and as directed, you will see results.

The Curves or Peyronies disease?

The results can be even more dramatic if you have a curved penis.

Whether it’s a natural curve or one caused by Peyronies disease, a penis stretcher will not only add length and girth but straighten your penis. By straightening your penis you will gain additional length because a straight penis just looks larger.

The Solution

A penis stretcher works by using traction to apply a constant slight pressure to your penis.

This will cause microscopic tears in your tissue (that you won’t feel), the body responds by creating new cells to repair the tissue. This is completely natural, and mimics what you went through in puberty.

This increases not just the other tissue, but more importantly the inner tissue. Specifically, it will cause growth in the Corpora Cavernosa. This tissue is what becomes engorged with blood causing your penis to become erect.

The larger the Corpora Cavernosa– the better the flow, the better the flow- the better the erection; and a stronger erection can make your penis look even larger than before.

There will never be a shortage of people looking to take your money by telling you what you want to hear, especially with penis enlargement. They know you are desperately looking for something that works and they feed on it. Be smart, know what real reasonable results should be and look for products that are along those lines.


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