The Correct Way To Measure a Penis

The Correct Way To Measure a Penis

how to measure you penis sizeMeasuring The Flaccid Length:
The exact flaccid penile length is known to be influenced by a wide variety of factors, not excluding temperature of the situation. This definitely means that you can obtain inconsistent readings, just simply depending on the exact temperature of your surroundings. It is important to take note of the fact that flaccid gains are the very first to be considered after you undergo a penile enlargement program. To always keep your readings precise, whenever you take flaccid penis length measurements, there is has been now been developed what you would call a standard method.

For much more accurate measurements, it is very critical to take your readings from your penis’s side. Get into an upright stance, and then gently pull your penis in the forward direction, without stretching it. While doing so, take the time to make sure that it is in a parallel alignment with the floor you are standing on. Next, put the ruler you besides the penis until it slightly presses against your pubic bone, while still been parallel with the penis.

How to accurately take an erect penile length measurement

This is basically what virtually all men are really interested in. Like flaccid penile length measurements, it is usually best to take erect penile length measurements from the side of your penis. For your information this happens to be the standard method researchers make use of to accurately gauge average penile length. This reading normally lies in the range of 6” to 6“ when the penis if fully distended.

Prior to take this penile measurement, ensure that your penis is fully erect. Next, take hold of it, beneath its head, and put the ruler besides it. With your free hand, make sure that the ruler sits besides the penis and let it then slightly press against your pubic bone. After doing this, you can now take the erect penile length measurement to the nearest millimeter. It is important that you should not give in to the temptation of exaggerating the reading as it can trigger a lot of demoralization afterwards.

How to accurately take a penile flaccid girth measurement

Taking penile girth measurements can be particularly tricky as you can obtain varying readings, depending on the exact area of your penis shaft you settle for. However, the standard technique that is used is to take the measurement from the center of your penis shaft. With you penis totally flaccid, hold it with one hand in the forward direction, and then wrap a tape measure around the center of its shaft. Do not pull on the tape measure too tightly, and then take the reading. You should take note of this reading for the next time you decide to undertake this penile flaccid length measurement.

Measuring The Erect GIrth:
First of all, ensure that you penis is fully erect, prior to proceeding with the measurement. Next, with one hand, hold your penis in the forward direction, until it is in a parallel alignment with the floor you are standing on. Place the tape measure around it, and take care that you do not pull on it too tightly, then take the reading. It is important to note that the average erect penile girth reading falls in the range of from 5″ – 5.5″ according to recent surveys conducted.


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