Why you should avoid free trials for penis enhancement pills

Have you come across penis enlargement pills that promise you’d grow at least 3 inches of length as soon as you take them?

These male enhancers usually come with a free trial offer to lure you in. What you should know is that these freebies are usually marketing gimmicks that get you to buy the penis enhancement pills in bulk. But the truth is that you should avoid free trials at all cost!

Let me tell you the reason why you should not be fooled by penis enlargement offers that are obviously fake. In fact, I’ll list a few reasons why you should NEVER take these free trials promising penis growth in a bottle.

Let’s get the whole truth straight right now- there’s no supplement in the whole wide world that will magically give you 3 to 5 inches of gain. Remember all these ads on the web about “One man has discovered how to grow his penis by taking one pill”? They’re completely FALSE. It’s all a lie in an effort to make money off the consumers.

These “clinically-proven” herbal supplements claim to make your erection size bigger due to a blood mechanism action that widens your blood vessels and makes all the blood go to your penis when you need some action. While this certainly does improve the overall girth of your manhood, the gain in size doesn’t exceed one or two inches at most.

But these “experts” claim that their male enlargement pill does make your penis grow by up to 4 inches permanently. How? The rush of blood enters into the chambers of your penis, the ones that keep them in place whenever you have an erection. In time, the chambers adapt to the abundance of blood flowing into your penis and actually expands and grows in size, which is purported to do wonders for your penis size as well.

Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at this mechanism in greater detail and attempt to debunk the whole enlargement pill trial offer thing. What you should know is that this claim has split the penile enlargement industry- one group accepts it while the other one dismisses it. Overall, there’s simply not enough scientific evidence for this male pills to hold water.

So what do these male enhancement pills do other than provide a rush of blood to the penis when you need it the most? Exactly that. When you see advertisements that show how you can get inches instantly, don’t buy it. Avoid free trials like the plague!

What penis pills do is to allow an inch or two of growth as long as it’s used in conjunction with a medical-grade penis extender, a professional penis enlargement program, or both. Sadly, penis enlargement supplements cannot stand on their own (pun intended). There’s no miracle when it comes to using pills to make your penis grow bigger.

The legit penis enhancement supplements come in with medical-grade penis extenders or professional penis enlargement programs. These things are the only true path to real penis growth that you need in your life.

avoid free trials

Why Should You Avoid Free Trials?

You should know by now that penis enlargement free trials are a scam tactic designed to lure you in. At first you’ll think- “It’s free. What do I have to lose? I’m sure it will only take a minute or two to fill out a delivery address form.”

That’s EXACTLY what these penis supplement companies want you to think. In exchange for the free trial, these male enhancement companies will collect important information such as your credit card and personal details. Right at the end of the fill-up form, they’ll ask you for a “nominal fee” to have it shipped by mail, i.e., $2.50 or so.

When was the last time you read the fine print? If you do, you’ll certainly not want to get these male enlargement free trial pills ever again. Scan along the bottom or on the terms and conditions part and you’ll see that what you’re signing up for is a never-ending subscription of the said penis pills!

Most “free trials” expire after 15 days, to which the male enhancer pill company charges your credit card and ship you supplies of male enhancement pills that you don’t really need. You will see charges on your credit card statement bottles of these male enhancers and the shipping costs associated with them.

Without the penis enlargement program and the male enlargement devices, the pills won’t work. You may not remember signing up for the penis enlarger pills until it actually arrives at your doorstep. What the company hopes is that you won’t notice the extra charges that are being added to your monthly credit card statement. These deceptive practices bank on the assumption that the people who clicked the “free trial” button on these male enhancer pills won’t remember doing so. You’ll be surprised when a package arrives, and a week later you’re being charged through the nose!

Let’s not get started with trying to call the company and canceling your male enhancement pill subscription. You’ll experience the worst kind of customer service in the world! From putting you on hold for hours, getting a busy tone or an unavailable message to flat out being rude to customers, these companies will do anything to make a quick buck. These male enhancement companies will state the fine print, and there’s nothing you can really do about it!

The bottom line is that you’ll wish that you never had clicked on the “Get Free Trial Now” link on a male enhancement pill offer. Avoid free trials like your life depends on it.

There’s still a ray of hope for men everywhere suffering from low self-confidence due to not having enough size. Unfortunately, there’s no single trick to magically making your penis permanently larger, but you can always turn to male enlargement pills that contain only natural ingredients and herbal extracts to give you that natural sexual boost. All the male enhancer pill ingredients should be listed on the bottle and on the website. Trust only male enhancement supplements that have nothing to hide.

Make the right choice!

Most pills are very expensive, that’s why some men are tempted by the “free” trial offers, but you should avoid them at all costs. Here are a list of pills that DON’T offer any free trials but they do however work:

  1. Vigrx plus
  2. Male Extra
  3. ProSolution Plus

Pick the right male enhancement pills