Air pumping vs. Water pumping

bathmate water penis pumpThere are numerous conditions where pumps can be prescribed for. The doctors have been prescribing them for quite a long time; below are just a few conditions where pumps are prescribed.

  • Erectile dysfunctions

Also known as impotence, erectile dysfunctions occur when men can no longer maintain or achieve erections during sexual intercourse. The causes of ED vary but they are mostly caused by:

  • Medication side effects
  • Surgery complications
  • Psychological issues
  • Lifestyle

Treatment for erectile dysfunctions do happen to people of all ages and this condition is dependent on the overall health as well as the original cause of the problem

  • MicroPenis

Micropenises usually occur whenever an infant boy is born with a penis that is below the range of the normal size. A penis can be considered a MicroPenis whenever it measures at the length of less than 0.75 inches.

bathmate penis pump

Air pumping vs. Water pumping

Most men begin with air pumps because of the simpler reason that air pumps are cheaper to buy as compared to water pumps. It’s easy to get air pumps at reasonably good prices ranging from between $20 TO $50; this looks affordable to most people. Good water pumps cost between $150 to $200 and even more (the penomet pump is around $300!!). But again, it’s worthy to invest in water pumps because you have higher chances of getting satisfactory results. Most men who start out on air pumping and later graduate to water pumping do not prefer to go back to air pumping; there is a distinct difference between the aforementioned methods; most people have discovered that the extra charges on water pumps are actually worthy.

Below are just a few benefits of water pumps as compared to air pumps

  • Lubricants are not needed since there is no mess and there is no need of cleaning up afterwards as well. As you do water pumping inside the bath or shower you only need to simply dry off whenever you want to get out
  • There is less edema build-up for the same level of pressure. Lymph or edema build up is simply accumulation of the fluid that is under the skin; this fluid usually occurs due to excess pumping and can lead to soreness as well as discoloration; any time you do water pumping, you are unlikely to experience this. Water pumps expand tissues more effectively as lower vacuum levels
  • Whenever you are using heated water inside the bath or shower its unnecessary to use to use microwaveable or electric heat pads (heat allows blood flow and makes the penis to expand more while on pumping sessions)
  • Water pumping takes less time and you can always do it whenever you are taking normal showers. You do not require time-outs during the day so that you can indulge in male enhancements

Why air pumps are problematic

  • You will need to apply particular amounts of force before you witness any change as far as the length of the penis is concerned; however, if you get past the vacuum levels, you might experience unacceptable accumulation of edema
  • Most men experience edema build up before getting to the right level of force in order to produce length gains. You will be able to work around this by hanging, jelging or stretching before pumping as this lowers vacuum levels that you need to achieve for effective sessions. The edema problem mostly applies to length as the expansion of the girth can be done at lower vacuum levels. In general, most men experience enough girth gains as compared to length with air pumping

But again, air pumping is not completely obsolete and if you are using it and you are getting the desired results, there is no need to stop using it. But nevertheless, the use of water pumps has been proven to be effective over the years so any time you intend to do some pumping, be prepared to pay the extra cost and use water pumps. Even though they are slightly expensive, the extra price charged is worthy nevertheless

Today, the most popular water pumps are known as Bathmate hydro-max pumps. These are the pumps that are nearly on everybody’s lips. These pumps are available in different sizes depending on your tastes; you must be able to find the one that perfectly suits you.