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Don’t even think about trying Enzyte until you read my Enzyte review! Does Enzyte really work? What does enzyte do? And, what happens when you stop taking Enzyte? My personal, no BS, unbiased opinion and review of this male enhancement product.

I wanted to know if Enzyte was a legitimate product, so spent a few hours surfing around the internet to find a balanced Enzyte review. I was disappointed to find nothing but hype, BS, blatant hard-sell promotion and sales pitches, but no real believable Enzyte review from someone who had actually tried it.

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Okay, back to my Enzyte Review….

I’m not hung like a horse, and I always wondered if “enhancing” myself would help improve my performance, or increase my ladies satisfaction. Not that anyone ever complained! I was just curious and it was always a little question in the back of my head. It wasn’t something that kept me awake at night, but I wondered is there was something that could increase her pleasure, and give me a little more confidence that I was bringing “a little more” to the picnic. After seeing my first porno video when I was a young teenager it was a question I always had.

Why I decided to do an Enzyte review

I was laughing at one of those old Smiling Bob commercials. He’s goofy, but they idea makes sense. And who doesn’t want to have women smile at you the way they look at goofy Bob?
(click here to see a Smiling Bob commercial or just keep reading my Enzyte review)

enzyte247 pillsI thought to myself, “I’ve been thinking about trying something like this for years. Why don’t I just order some, I’ll give it my own Enzyte review and I’ll publish my findings on
a blog?” Before I ordered I decided to surf around and see what other Enzyte review blogs were out there.

You can find a lot of Enzyte blogs!

I looked at about 25 Enzyte review blogs. (There’s many, many more). They seemed to fall into 2 distinct categories.

The first group were blogs, comments and Enzyte reviews written by people who said that Enzyte didn’t work, was a scam, or was harmful. They would finish their blistering condemnation of Enzyte with a sales pitch for a product “that works 1000 times better!” It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out that these Enzyte reviews were from people
who never tried Enzyte, they just used the popular brand name to try attract visitors and sell more of the male enhancement gizmo they were marketing.

The second group were blogs, articles and sites with glowing Enzyte reviews stating how they went from shy, under endowed nerds to porn star like lovers in a few short weeks. These blogs were just as phony as the first group. Enzyte is sold through and affiliate network so obviously these were blatant stories designed to get more people to buy. There
is nothing wrong with affiliate sales. I make money as an affiliate for a few different offers. But you don’t have to fabricate and lie, people just want to read real, honest third-party reviews before they purchase a product.

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I couldn’t find ONE believable, legitimate, helpful Enzyte review.

So, I decide to order the product and publish my own Enzyte review.

Honestly, with many of these herbal supplements there really is no way to tell how helpful a product will be until you try it for yourself. After spending time looking at all the different opinions, the only way I could be sure whether Enzyte would work for me was to actually TRY it!

Seriously, if you are interested in giving it a try, here’s a link to see what their current “special offer” is. And, they have a refund policy so if it doesn’t give you the results you want you can get your money back.

The only way to know if it works for you is to try it yourself ,and then maybe put up a blog and write your own Enzyte review?

So, that’s it. That’s why I decided to do my own Enzyte review. I’m going to give it a try and I’ll report back on my results in a little while. I will give you my full, no-hype Enzyte review shortly.

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