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spermomax review SpermoMax is a health supplement that you can take to increase the volume of your semen and the overall quality of it. The pills are a great supplement to a healthy diet and will surprice your sexpartner with a huge load.

SpermoMax benefits:

  • Boost your semen production
  • Improve your semen quality
  • Enjoy longer orgasms
  • Control your orgasms better

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Are you new to male supplements? You might be overwhelmed with the fact that so many products are available. Spermomax is one of the best male supplements that enhances your sexual performance by not only giving you better penile erections and stamina, but also increases the production of semen making you more fertile.

With an increase in sperm count, you are bound to get a better orgasm. In short, they are magic pills helping you achieve exceptional orgasm.

How Spermomax works?

how does spermomax work

You might already be aware of Viagra. Spermomax works in the same but without the severe side effects of Viagra and is made of clinically proven herbal extracts which make the supplement work efficiently.

Testosterone levels in your body are the deciding factors of your sex drive. The ingredients of Spermomax boost the production of free testosterone levels increasing your sex drive and stamina to perform excellently in bed. Testosterone also stimulates your sperm count and also has other health benefits like achieving a masculine physique, better cardiovascular health, improved concentration levels, quick burning of fat, etc.

Have you ever thought how do you achieve a penile erection? When the blood flow to the penis increases, your penis achieves an erection. The ingredients of Spermomax dilates the blood vessels of the penis which increases the blood flow. So, you can achieve a firmer erection for having great sex.

Spermomax ingredients

spermomax Ingredients

  1. L-Arginine1 This ingredient is primarily used to cure erectile dysfunction and is the precursor of nitric oxide. As the nitric oxide levels increase, the blood vessels relax improving better circulation of the blood. Similarly, the blood flow to the penis also increases helping you to achieve a better penile erection.
  2. Tribulus Terrestris – This herb was traditionally used as a natural aphrodisiac. It increases the testosterone levels of the body increasing libido and stamina. With an increase in testosterone levels, you can hit the gym to get a well-chiseled body. However, it can cause stomach upset in high dosage.
  3. Zinc – One of the most vital minerals necessary for healthy sperm count and stamina which is readily not available in your daily meals. It is primarily available in oysters, and if you do not have them often, you are at risk of zinc deficiency. Every time you ejaculate, you lose some amount of zinc, and a supplement of this mineral is essential.
  4. Mucuna Pruriens – This herb is often referred to as Velvet bean and is used traditionally to treat erectile dysfunction. So, this is a useful inclusion as well.
  5. Curculigo Orchioides – This ingredient has been proven to increase libido, but the dosage should be based on your body weight. A man of 70 kg requires 7000 mg to get significant benefits.
  6. Lepidium Meyenii – This extract has also shown to increase sexual desire but works very slowly. Usually, it takes 8 to 12 weeks of consumption regularly to yield results.
  7. Cnidium Monnier – This is one of the best ingredients to provide several benefits. Spermomax has included this extract because it increases fertility in men, sex drive, and treats erectile dysfunction. The other benefits include bodybuilding, treating of osteoporosis and cancer, and also cures bacterial or fungal infections.
  8. Semen Cuscuta – This ingredient has been used to improve sperm quality for fertility from the ancient times and is also a great inclusion.
  9. Piperine – This is extracted from black pepper and studies have shown within 30 days of consumption, it increases free testosterone levels and reduces serum estrogen (female hormone) levels.

Pros and Cons of Spermomax

There are several benefits and advantages you can get from Spermomax:

  1. You can get discounts if your purchase in bulk.
  2. The manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.
  3. Spermomax improves your sexual performance by helping you achieve a firm erection and increasing libido.
  4. It makes you fertile by increasing the sperm count and improving the quality of sperm.
  5. You also get other health benefits like bodybuilding, high stamina, better cardiovascular health, strong bones, etc.

Of course, with every product, there will be some disadvantages:

  1. In case you are not getting your desired results with two pills a day, you are recommended to take in 4 capsules, which becomes quite expensive.
  2. Though there are no severe side effects, it can sometimes cause nausea, headaches, or stomach upset.


You can check the reviews of different customers and ratings online which will give you the complete picture. You’ll mostly see positive reviews of different customers who were benefited from this product. However, some customers have also reported they got the results but were a bit delayed, and there are no reports of any bad effects on health.


With several health benefits, Spermomax is worth giving a try as you are guaranteed to get back your money if you don’t get the desired results within 60 days.

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1 Bill I Campbell, Paul M La Bounty, and Mike Roberts – The Ergogenic Potential of Arginine.2004 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2129157/

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