Quick Extender Pro Review – Before you buy

Quick Extender Pro score:
  • Efficiency - 9/10
  • Guarantee - 9/10
  • Support - 8/10
  • Price - 9/10

Review Summary

The Quick extender pro is a pretty good extender with all the comfort you need for a long term penis enlargement process.
What kind of results should I expect?

  • Longer penis (up to 2 inch longer)
  • Thicker penis(up to 15% thicker)
  • Stronger erections
  • Longer lasting erections

Results are after 6 months of use.

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Quick extender pro review 2016

User Rating: 5.0 (1 votes)

Quick Extender Pro claims to be the best-selling penis extender not only in the US, but in the whole world. Here are some of the most important things that you should know about the penis traction device. This would help you determine if this is the right penis extender for you or not. Read on to find out.

What Is Quick Extender Pro?

No doubt, there are a lot of penis extender devices available, but not all are capable of fulfilling the promises they give to their customers. This is what makes Quick Extender Pro different. Those who have tried this device have experienced positive results in just several months. According to these men, the Quick Extender Pro is capable of enlarging the penis not only in length, but in girth as well in just several weeks.

It’s completely safe, effective, and the results you’re going to get are really permanent. Thus, it’s a product that claims to be the solution, especially for those who are in search of ways on how to improve their penis size naturally.

The Quick Extender Pro was manufactured by Innovatech Designs in a company based in New York City. This US company mentions that the Quick Extender Pro carries a DSS system, and that’s the reason why it’s better than other penis extender devices available online.

What Is DSS?

DSS is the most recent generation technology for penis enlargement and this refers to ‘Double Strap Support” system. Basically, it uses two medical grade silicone tubes that hold the penis without causing any discomfort nor slippage.

Slippage is considered to be the most common problem with basic extenders, and that’s why a lot of men aren’t really interested in using them.

The Quick Extender Pro is different. It has been clinically proven and backed up by medical professionals, that there’s no need to worry about the device being harmful or unsafe.

How Does the Quick Extender Pro Work?

The Quick Extender Pro is a penis traction device that’s comfortable to wear and the user doesn’t have to worry about any slippage occurring.

According to the manufacturers, this device works by stretching the penis tissues on a regular basis, and the tension applied will eventually encourage new cells to grow– this results to an increase in length and girth.

Aside from that, it was also mentioned that the process is completely pain free and the ease-of-use that it offers can motivate the user to wear the device as often as possible.

This product comes with 2 programs that the user can choose from, depending on his needs and preference. However, in order to experience positive results, it’s important to focus on the total amount of time you’re going to wear the device, not how often you’re going to wear it.


  • The design of this penis traction device was based on proven technology in the field of penis enlargement.
  • The DSS system it has makes the Quick Extender Pro more versatile, because it promotes comfort that allows the user to wear the device for hours.
  • It’s manufactured using high-quality, medical grade materials.
  • It’s made from medical grade aluminum, and the system is lightweight.
  • It’s capable of correcting curved penis, or Peyronie’s disease.
  • The product line is quite diverse and the price ranges from $119-$349. Thus, there will definitely be a device that will fit within your budget.
  • It doesn’t matter what package you end up choosing, you’ll feel confident knowing that you’ll receive an excellent package that’s worth every penny.
  • Worried about your neighbors finding out that you’ve ordered something like this? No need. The Quick Extender Pro comes in a discreet packaging.
  • There’s a 24-hour customer service that will address any of your concerns in regard with the use of this device.
  • The standard shipping is reasonably priced. At $9.99, it comes with a tracking number, that you’ll know when your product will exactly arrive.
  • The company offers a 6-month money back guarantee.
  • There’s a lifetime guarantee on workmanship that you can use, just in case your device got accidentally damaged.


  • Due to the fact that the Quick Extender Pro requires 2 straps instead of one, there’s a need to purchase two just in case you’ll need a replacement. Nonetheless, the straps aren’t that expensive and they’re quite durable as well.
  • The tension springs aren’t the same, and type will depend on the kind of device you’re going to buy.

Guaranteed Results

The Quick Extender Pro works really well. In just several weeks, you’ll experience an increase in your size– not only the length, but the girth as well.

Likewise, even when you’re already wearing the device for several hours, you wouldn’t feel any irritation nor discomfort at all. Thanks to the DSS system it has.

Maximum Comfort

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, the DSS system of this traction device makes it comfortable to wear. Most penis extenders require time-in-use in order to achieve the effect, which isn’t really needed at all when you use the Quick Extender Pro. Also, while other penis extenders are heavy, bulky, and painful after an hour of wearing it, this one would even make you feel that you’re not wearing any traction device at all. It’ll give the results you need, minus the discomfort and pain.

Lifetime Guarantee

The creators of this device are so confident that they even offer a lifetime guarantee. Not just that, if you’re not satisfied with the product at all, you can easily ask for a refund within 6-months from purchasing the device. Not all penis extenders offer this option– that’s why you can feel very confident that it’s definitely one of the best penis traction devices available, and not something that was made to rip you off.

Final Verdict

After a thorough research, we came up with the conclusion that the Quick Extender Pro, together with the DSS system it has, make this device the number one choice for those who want to increase their penis size naturally.

The Quick Extender Pro is one of the higher-end devices, that’s not ridiculously expensive at all. This device has everything you’re going to need to improve your size permanently.

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