ProMale Extender Review 2015

ProMale review score:
  • Efficiency - 8/10
  • Build quality - 6/10
  • Support - 3/10
  • Price - 6/10

Review Summary

This is just another penis extender nothing new here, you are way better off buying a SizeGenetics extender or one of the other two on the top 3 list.


ProMale extender

Based on studies, the longer or bigger the penis is, the more satisfying the sexual experience could be– both for you and your partner. In order to achieve this, a lot of men have become interested in penis enlargement strategies that could help them achieve their desired penis length as soon as possible. The penis traction devices are one of those methods that you can use.

Although a penis extenders can really be effective, a lot of marketers nowadays have taken advantage of the demand coming from consumers. So, they kept on releasing devices that couldn’t even support their promises. Thus, it’s always advisable to do your research first before trying those penis enhancement devices available in the market.
During our search, one of the traction devices that we have discovered was the ProMale device. According to the creators, the ProMale is a non-surgical method that can help men improve their penis size naturally and permanently.
This review will give you the general information you need to know about the ProMale device. We’ll present the benefits, drawbacks, features, and results that you can expect from it.

What Is the ProMale Device?

Basically, ProMale is known to be a non-surgical approach that can help you improve your penis size in just a matter of weeks. In simpler terms, it’s a natural penis traction device that promises to improve your size and length without the use of surgery, supplements, or anything else.

Furthermore, according to its manufacturers, as well as the other sources, this device offers a number of benefits, such as strengthening the penis, resolving Peyronie’s diseases (curved penis), and encouraging the penis to perform better during love making.

That being said, the device will not only increase the penis length, but it will also improve the erection power of the user.

Just like what has been mentioned from their official website, this product is also supported by scientific claims. The studies done with the device are available on their official website. So, anyone who is looking for more information can go check on that.

How Does the ProMale Device Work?

Based on the manufacturer’s description, just like other penis extenders, the ProMale device follows the principle of traction. Wherein, it should be worn for 1-2 hours for 3-5 days a week, with a 20 minute break in order to regain blood circulation.

This promotes a gentle pull which results in an increase in size, because the tissues and cells are forced to divide and multiply.

According to the explanation found on their official website, it’s capable of increasing not only the length, but the girth of the penis as well– permanently and naturally, minus the harmful effects you can experience from other male enhancement products.

Aside from that, you can achieve promising results with the ProMale device if you’ll use it at least 5 times a week, for 3 months. Likewise, the common factors that will determine how fast the penile tissue will grow and multiply, will depend on the amount of tension applied and the duration of doing that.

Unfortunately, as of the moment, there aren’t any strong evidences to support the claim of how effective and promising this device is. So, it’s up to you to find the results yourself.


– It can improve the penis length in just several weeks.
– The results are both natural and permanent.
– After using the device, expect a bigger, stronger, and healthier penis.
– The results wouldn’t only improve your sex life, but it can also boost your confidence as well.
– No need to worry about any side effects.
– It can be a natural treatment for Peyronie’s disease or ‘curved penis.’
– Clinically proven and recommended by most doctors.
– High quality and very effective
– The results can be experienced in just 3 months of use.


– As we check the official website, we fail to see any before use and after use images. Thus, there hasn’t been any results to prove the effectiveness of this device.

Customer Support

Based on our research, the makers of the ProMale device offer a remarkable customer support service to their customers.

First of all, they do offer a refund within 30 days of purchase to customers who are not satisfied with the results or the product itself. So, if you’re not satisfied with the device, you can simply contact the manufacturer and ask for a refund– no questions asked.

Likewise, they also offer several device packages depending on the needs of the consumer. This ranges from the ProMale alone to the ProMale Plus package that includes the Enlargel and Jelqing device.

The company also practices discrete shipping, that the buyer doesn’t need to worry about his neighbors find out that he has ordered such device.

ProMale Results

In order to see how effective the ProMale is at giving permanent penis enlargement results, we have researched and discovered some reviews online claiming the fact that it’s one of the best penis extender right now. Not just that, there was also a study made in the University of Turin where 16 men were asked to try the device. These participants underwent a 6-month treatment period using the device and it has been discovered that the total average length increase of these men was 0.69 inches. This gave a conclusion that the ProMale traction device is a non-invasive procedure that can produce effective and permanent results after regular use.

Money Back Guarantee

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, if you weren’t satisfied with the ProMale penis extender, you can simply return the product and the company will give you a full refund.

Final Verdict

Overall, the ProMale traction device is one of the best penis enlargement devices available in the market today. There are a lot of devices that promise to give you remarkable results, but only a few have the ability to turn those promises to reality.

This is what makes the ProMale device stand out from the crowd. By using this device, you’ll have the guarantee that you wouldn’t encounter any side effects, and will only experience the good things related to increasing your penis size naturally.