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Review Summary

ProExtender was one of the first wave of penis extenders to hit the marked in the early 2000’s. The device has been hanging around since than and not much has changed, it is still a decent device that does was it is supposed to.
There are a few problems with the ProExtender the comfort system is not up to date and the price is simple way too high for a simple device like this.
But that does not make the ProExtender a bad penis extender, it gets the job done and with good results.
I would take a look at the extenders in the top list and choose one of those. The ProExtender is simple too basic for the money.
proextender review 2018
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What is ProExtender?

Based on what we’ve gathered so far, the ProExtender device was one of the first extender devices released in the year 2005. With that, we were expecting that it’s one of the best penis extenders available in the market today, and we’re right about that! The ProExtender System is one of the greatest manufacturers in the male enhancement category, and we’ll tell you the reasons why.

proextender review 2018

This traction device is capable of improving the length1, as well as the girth of the penis in a natural way. It follows a system that’s comprised of different methods in regard to the male enhancement procedure. The package includes a penis extender, enhancement pills, and an exercise program that could speed up the results. Those who have tried this product have claimed that the ProExtender is the most comprehensive and successful method of how you can improve your size permanently without undergoing the knife.

How Does the ProExtender System Works?

ProExtender Traction Device

This is the most vital component of the package, and it’s considered to be the best stretching device available in the market today. Basically, the ProExtender Traction device follows the principle of traction – something that’s commonly used in the field of medicine, such as orthopedics. It employs gradual stretching force to the male organ where it helps in the growth and development of tissues, as well as cell multiplication. Thus, it improves not only the length of the penis, but the girth as well.

To use the device, it should be looped around the length of the male organ, and the two rings attached to it fasten the device to the base and head of the male organ. Then, the two calibrated metal rods that are found on each side acts as the traction device. It stretches the penis and this results in instant multiplication of tissues and cells, causing an improvement in penis size.

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Stay Away from Imitations

Due to its popularity, a lot has tried to imitate this device and you can easily find these rip-offs in the Internet. Be aware and never opt for these. Although they’re definitely cheaper than the original, there’s no guarantee that it’s safe for use and effective.

Final Verdict

What can we say about this penis traction device? No doubt, it’s one of the top-quality products available in the market today. Although the manufacturers haven’t really updated the device to make it more “advanced,” you can’t deny the fact that it’s still as effective as ever. If you want a newer version of a penis extender with more comfort then you should check out this list.

Do you have any questions about the ProExtender? Feel free to ask them in the comments or at [email protected]

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1 Mohammadreza N, Alireza S, Maedeh R, Abdolrasoul M, Gholamreza – Effect of Penile-Extender Device in Increasing Penile Size in Men with Shortened Penis: Preliminary Results 2011

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