Does Penis Size Play a Role in Condom Breakage or Slippage

Most men aspire to own a larger penis but it does come with disadvantages. Men who have one often complain about condom slippage and breakage during sexual intercourse. This is definitely something that most guys fear as it opens up the possibility of pregnancies and/or STD’s.

In this article we will discuss the facts and myths surrounding condom slippage. There are a number of studies on penis size and the chances associated with slippage and breakage during sexual intercourse.

A group of 184 men took part in the study. They used over 3,600 condoms to see it there was a connection between penis size and condom slippage and breakage. When the results came back it was found that 2 percent of the men experienced slippage and 1 percent complained of breakage. For condom slippage, there was no correlation between size and slippage. However, it was found that there was a connection between the girth of the penis and breakage of the condom. This finding showed just how important it is for condom makers to start altering their designs. This way the product will better protect a wider cross-section of men.

As a result, a penis that is smaller than average, may experience a greater rate of slippage. Most condom makers place greater design emphasis on the length of the condoms and not girth.

Tojan Magnum Condoms are perfered by men with larger than average penis sizeMen who are larger than above average flock to the Trojan Magnum brand because the other brands are not able to fit properly. A penis that is too large poses several disadvantages- one of which is caused by condom breakage. This is quite serious as it opens up the possibilities of catching a STD.

Even though sex is designed mainly for reproductive purposes, most people engage in sex as a form of recreation. During these periods, the last thing on the mind is to become pregnant that’s why persons wear condoms to prevent this from happening.

If the condom breaks the changes of a pregnancy is greatly increased. If your penis is larger than 6 inches then its best that you wear a condoms that supports both the length and girth. By doing this you will greatly reduce the chances of slippage or breakage.


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