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There are literally 100’s of different penis pills on the marked, this is a list of all the penis pills I have reviewed that did not make the Top 3 best penis pills. The list is not ordered according to review score but what date the review was made.

Some of the pills on this list does simply not work and a complete scams and others are working just fine. Make sure you read reviews before you buy any products online!

Penis pills that did not make the Top 3

ExtenZe review 2016

extenze pillsExtenZe Review 2016

Extenze pills have helped more than a million men with erection problems! Extenze might not be the cheapest nor the most feature packed product in the marked but they have a very solid product that deliver what it promises. I would recommend it to all the men who have erection problems and need a little extra boost down there.

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Enzyte review 2016

enzyte247 pillsEnzyte Review 2016

Enzyte is a powerful male enhancement product that will help you gain a strong and powerful erection. There are a few minor side effects but nothing to worry about. The product comes with a 60 day full money back guarantee if you for some reason are not satisfied with the product.

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