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On this page you will be able to find reviews of male enhancement pills that did not make the top 3 list of best male enhancement pills. It does not make it a bad product just because a product did’t make the top list, you might even find some pills that suit you better than the once in the top.

The reviews are ordered by review date and not by the review score, take a look at some of the reviews, you might find the perfect pills for you.

Male enhancement pills that did not make the top 3 list:

enzyte247 pillsEnzyte review

Enzyte247 is an male enhancement product that does deliver okay results. It’s not in the top 3, but it does have one thing going for it and that’s the option to buy it in a store. All the pills in the top 3 are online only.

I would however recommend you to buy a product from the best male enhancement pills as they are more effective.

Read Enzyte247 Review here


extenze_pillsExtenZe review

This is one of the big boys of male enhancement pills, ExtenZe has been on the market since 2001!

The pills deliver quite a punch and is very close to the top 3.



Read my full review of ExtenZe here

Magna Rx review 2018MagmaRX +

There are a good reason why these pills did not get a good review. The pills are simple not that effective and lacks a lot of puch that some of the other pills have.

A good alternative to MagmaRX+ is called Male Extra (no.3 on my best list). It’s based on the same ingredients, but Male Extra does it in a better way.

Read my full review of MagmaMX+ here

yvdox review 2018Vydox review

This is simply not worth your money.

Users experience lots of side effects and a very low positive erection effect.

I would strongly advice you to NOT buy this product!

You can still read my review here if you wish?

alphamanpro reviewAlphaManPro Review

This is a mixed testosterone booster and male enhancement product that could have been a very powerful combination.

The product does however not deliver the results I where expecting.

Yoiu can find better alternatives in my best male enhancement list.

You can find my full review of Alpha man Pro here.

xanogen reviewXanogen review

Xanogen is not available at any medical retail store. You can only purchase them online and also directly from the manufacturer’s website.

You have the option to buy different quantities and higher the number of quantities purchased, higher the discount you can get.

Read my full review of Xanogen here.


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