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how to measure you penis size

The Correct Way To Measure a Penis

how to measure you penis sizeMeasuring The Flaccid Length:
The exact flaccid penile length is known to be influenced by a wide variety of factors, not excluding temperature of the situation. This definitely means that you can obtain inconsistent readings, just simply depending on the exact temperature of your surroundings. It is important to take note of the fact that flaccid gains are the very first to be considered after you undergo a penile enlargement program. To always keep your readings precise, whenever you take flaccid penis length measurements, there is has been now been developed what you would call a standard method.

For much more accurate measurements, it is very critical to take your readings from your penis’s side. Get into an upright stance, and then gently pull your penis in the forward direction, without stretching it. While doing so, take the time to make sure that it is in a parallel alignment with the floor you are standing on. Next, put the ruler you besides the penis until it slightly presses against your pubic bone, while still been parallel with the penis.

How to accurately take an erect penile length measurement

This is basically what virtually all men are really interested in. Like flaccid penile length measurements, it is usually best to take erect penile length measurements from the side of your penis. For your information this happens to be the standard method researchers make use of to accurately gauge average penile length. This reading normally lies in the range of 6” to 6“ when the penis if fully distended.

Prior to take this penile measurement, ensure that your penis is fully erect. Next, take hold of it, beneath its head, and put the ruler besides it. With your free hand, make sure that the ruler sits besides the penis and let it then slightly press against your pubic bone. After doing this, you can now take the erect penile length measurement to the nearest millimeter. It is important that you should not give in to the temptation of exaggerating the reading as it can trigger a lot of demoralization afterwards.

How to accurately take a penile flaccid girth measurement

Taking penile girth measurements can be particularly tricky as you can obtain varying readings, depending on the exact area of your penis shaft you settle for. However, the standard technique that is used is to take the measurement from the center of your penis shaft. With you penis totally flaccid, hold it with one hand in the forward direction, and then wrap a tape measure around the center of its shaft. Do not pull on the tape measure too tightly, and then take the reading. You should take note of this reading for the next time you decide to undertake this penile flaccid length measurement.

Measuring The Erect GIrth:
First of all, ensure that you penis is fully erect, prior to proceeding with the measurement. Next, with one hand, hold your penis in the forward direction, until it is in a parallel alignment with the floor you are standing on. Place the tape measure around it, and take care that you do not pull on it too tightly, then take the reading. It is important to note that the average erect penile girth reading falls in the range of from 5″ – 5.5″ according to recent surveys conducted.


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noose or strap penis extenders

Finding the Best Penis Extender

You’ve probably read all about how great penis extenders are, and all the benefits of using a stretcher. So now that you’ve decided to get one, the decision making should be easy. Sorry, it isn’t that simple.

When there is a method to something, anything that actually works- people will look for every way to duplicate it and try to get in on the market. This means the marketplace is flooded with penis extenders of different styles and qualities. From cheap knock-offs of higher quality stretchers to outright dangerous designs, it can be a risky endeavor.

There are some things that you can keep in mind when shopping, which will help you choose a safe and reliable penis extender that delivers. Take a look at this penis stretcher review site for more information.


This should be obvious. To see real results, you have to wear the extender as directed. This means daily use for several hours over the course of weeks or months. So, comfort should be a huge consideration. Comfort is my main focus when I review penis extenders – Thats why all the extenders in the top 3 list have some sort of comfort system to make your penis enlargement journey more comfortable.

Design – Noose and Strap

noose or strap penis extenders

The noose design is what it sounds like, a thin piece of material that goes around your penis to connect. It is the noose, where the tension is applied to the penis.

The strap design uses wide straps, even Velo ones, that go around the penis- again acting as the tension anchor. You can think of it like this, do you want to lift something with a rope around it, or a length of fishing line?

The smaller noose has almost no surface area, putting pressure and abrasion on one small area of your penis. Straps make the process more comfortable by distributing the tension across a wider area. This causes less irritation and more comfort, which means you’ll actually wear it.

A few extenders offer a whole now kind of design that should be very comfortable, one of them is called Phallosan Forte extender.

The Best Penis Extender

One size does NOT fit all. It is important, not only for comfort but for results, that you can properly fit your extender to your penis. Cheap knock-offs typically offer few or no options when it comes to this, you just have to hope for the best. Modern extenders offer more than 50 ways to assemble, fit and wear them.

Now, you can custom-fit your stretcher to whatever works best for you. This includes different fixation points for attaching the hardware, to the actual straps (or noose). For some models it can mean using noose, strap or velo fixation, or a hybrid system that switches between noose and strap. The point is, it should be customizable to you.

You care about your penis, or you wouldn’t be looking for ways to enhance it. So don’t take it lightly when it comes to purchasing a penis extender.

If you want results you need the right stretcher; do some research and remember that comfort, fit and design are the keys to buying a proper traction device. Safety, quality and ease of use should always be first on your mind.


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penis extender faq

FAQs About Penis Extenders

penis extender faq

  1. Will I really get results from a penis extender?
    A.Absolutely. Penis stretchers are the only proven method for permanent male enhancement. Clinical studies have backed up all of the promises of penis stretching, you can even read the published report here.
  2. Is this a quick and easy fix?
    A.No, it is not quick. Using a penis extender is a commitment. You will be wearing it for several hours a day, and for several months. However, it is easy in that all you have to do is wear the device. Real results take time.
  3. How do I start with penis enlargement?
    A.The first start is choosing a quality device, going cheap will not give you the success you are going after. Try looking at manufacturers like SizeGenetics, tested and proven products from trusted manufacturers. Good stretchers will come with exercises, detailed instructions and even videos to make the best use of your new device.
  4. Are there other options for penis enlargement?
    A.There are some different methods you can use, but you have to keep your goals in mind. Surgery is very expensive, and not covered by insurance. More damning is that, after the expense and pain of recovery, there is absolutely no guarantee of success.

Pills are another option, but they are a temporary fix that only helps with harder erections. It’s not a long term solution, and doesn’t even touch enlargement. There are exercises, but they are complicated and if not done properly it will be a lot of hard work for nothing.

  1. When should I wear the extender?
    A.If your job involves sitting at a desk, and being more stationary, you can get away with wearing it at work without notice. If you job involves lots of movement and strenuous activity, then it isn’t the best idea. Most men wear their extenders at home, for privacy and security.
  2. Can I wear it while I sleep?
    A.Some do, but it is not typically recommended. If you do, try it at your own risk.
  3. Should I keep taking pills while using a stretcher?
    A.You can, but it isn’t going to help you very much. Pills can help you with an erection, but we don’t recommend wearing an extender while you have an erection. You will be making the stretcher ineffective if you try wearing it while erect. So, it is best to just avoid them.
  4. I’ve seen a lot of penis enlargement scams
    A. Yes, you have. People are happy to part you from your money. Penis stretching is different; clinical studies have actually proven the long term effects of stretching. You can enlarge your penis, but you have to put in time and effort.
  5. Are exercises useful at all?
    A.Yes, they can be a good supplement to your enhancement program. Used alone, even done perfectly, you won’t get the results that are possible with a penis stretcher. Exercising your penis can help with your overall penis health. There are many different exercises that you can research, some of which will help you control your ejaculations and some that will even help supplement your enlargement.

See my top 3 best penis extenders here 


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does size really matter

Does Size ‘Really’ Matter?

does size really matterWhen it comes to a man’s ‘equipment’, many are more than willing to put in a good word for themselves – even ‘stretching’ the truth at times. The following is an article from our resident female staffer who weighs in on the size issue – once and for all.

This certain aspect of a male’s physche is held with a high level of regard and pride, not only among other men but sometimes with the female population as well. Men with a larger size may boast that they are better able to fulfill a woman’s desires in the bedroom and then lay claim to bragging rights over their friends.

And so it is those who feel they have something that could be – shall we say – less than desirable in that department, turn to male enhancement remedies. With everything from a pill to pop, a device to strap on, to exercises that are sure to make the a Casanova under the sheets, men looking into male enhancement do so with the hopes that they can fulfill the fantasies of the fairer sex.

But when it comes to ‘down there’ does their size really matter?


In the locker room men may compare openly, and those with a larger size may choose to strut their stuff while those a bit shier may shirk away and even be embarrassed. It is no surprise that among males it seems one measure of the man is the size of his ‘little’ man.

But when it comes to women, should a male who is lacking turn to male enhancement tactics to impress her or keep her more fully satisfied?

Males may be surprised to find out that in multiple studies, researchers in the UK found that according to women size is not the major issue. In fact many men don’t even really know what a ‘normal size’ truly is and many who are seeking male enhancement remedies fall well within the normal range.

And normal even varies between countries and regions as well. Insecurities about one’s manhood and interest in male enhancement is often spurred on in a man’s formative years from comparisons among their peers, and just as some women may feel insecure about her breast size men seem to have fallen into a sort of parallel conundrum.

So if the size of a man’s penis isn’t an issue with the majority of women, and it can still offer her the same level of pleasure and function just as well, why are so many still hung up with male enhancement?

Could it be that the males of the species are drawing on their more shallow tendencies to gravitate toward larger busted women and then simply assume that women in turn do the same to them? Or are they just as preoccupied with impressing ladies as other males?

It seems as though that in regardless to a male’s actual size, how he perceives it is integral in his level of confidence. That in turn effects his efforts in the bedroom, and if it takes male enhancement measures to boost his self esteem any subsequent hotter passions may be due not only to the actual size of his member but his mental state.

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Dangers of Male Enhancement Surgery

Dangers of Male Enhancement Surgery

Dangers of Male Enhancement SurgeryMen who want to find ways of getting male enhancement are always on the lookout for the most efficient way of doing things. It makes sense to utilize modern technology and medicine in order to better yourself and your body. However, there are many horror stories that are associated with male enhancement surgery, which is why it is such a risky thing to undertake. If you want to make sure and have a sustainable method of male enhancement, you need to make sure you avoid the surgery at all costs. In the following article, we will detail why it is that it is so dangerous when it comes to male enhancement.

Pain and Male Enhancement Surgery

If you have never experienced pain with your penis before, you should recognize that it is the area with the most nerves in your body. All of the nerve endings are incredibly sensitive, which makes it such an important place for your body. If you start to damage the area, it is going to be one of the most painful things due to the large number of nerves in this region of your body.

Male enhancement surgery is an invasive procedure where the doctor will cut this region of your body in order to extend the length. This is something that no man wants to have happen and it can be avoided if you are dedicated to not taking the easiest method to an enhanced penis. Surgery will not only hurt for the duration of the surgery and immediately following it, but there could be many long lasting injuries as a result of the surgery. These are things that you want to avoid at all costs. They will eventually lead to some significant problems that no man should have to experience.

Does Surgery for Male Enhancement Work?

The other reason why male enhancement through surgery is such a bad idea is because of the rate that it actually works. In very few men are there any real differences seen as a result of the male enhancement. It is a good idea to make sure that you are taking the risks and rewards into consideration, which clearly indicates that it is not at all worth it to try to have male enhancement through the surgery. In most cases, you will find that nothing is helpful for you and nothing can actually make a difference in your life.

There are also a few caveats to this, which we will explain below. Even if the procedure does work, it is important to determine how long that is the case. You do not want something that is going to work for some time and then become a literal pain after a while.

Short Term and Long Term Impacts

When it comes to whether or not male enhancement surgery actually works, it is important to look at the short and long term impacts of what is going on. Even though you might feel better or find that the length is extended in the short term, that does not mean for a second that it will remain that way for a longer period of time. If you really want to be successful with your penis enlargement activities it is definitely good to find a sustainable method and the surgery is definitely not the way to go.

Taking Surgery Seriously

The risks associated with any surgery are very real despite what a surgeon might have you believe. There are ways to get better surgeons who can do the job for you in a way that you might prefer for your own health, however it is not assured that anything good will come of it. In fact, it is not even assured that you will have the same length and pain level than before you had the surgery.

You must make sure that you take the surgery seriously so that you do not end up with problems immediately after the fact as well. Many men who have had the surgery not only see no benefits, but they often see many harmful side effects as well. You do not want to have to deal with intense pain as a result.

Dangers of Male Enhancement

There are many dangers of male enhancement that you need to be concerned about no matter where in life you are. There are better methods of getting your problems taken care of than to use surgery. Not only can it cause lots of concerns with your health in the short term, including a vast amount of pain, but it can also cause a lot of long term problems as well. If you are not careful you will find yourself in a lot of pain without much to show for it. Avoid the surgery if you can no matter what others tell you.

You can find safe alternatives and a list of the best penis enlargement methods here.


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