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Does Penis Size Play a Role in Condom Breakage or Slippage

Most men aspire to own a larger penis but it does come with disadvantages. Men who have one often complain about condom slippage and breakage during sexual intercourse. This is definitely something that most guys fear as it opens up the possibility of pregnancies and/or STD’s.

In this article we will discuss the facts and myths surrounding condom slippage. There are a number of studies on penis size and the chances associated with slippage and breakage during sexual intercourse.

A group of 184 men took part in the study. They used over 3,600 condoms to see it there was a connection between penis size and condom slippage and breakage. When the results came back it was found that 2 percent of the men experienced slippage and 1 percent complained of breakage. For condom slippage, there was no correlation between size and slippage. However, it was found that there was a connection between the girth of the penis and breakage of the condom. This finding showed just how important it is for condom makers to start altering their designs. This way the product will better protect a wider cross-section of men.

As a result, a penis that is smaller than average, may experience a greater rate of slippage. Most condom makers place greater design emphasis on the length of the condoms and not girth.

Tojan Magnum Condoms are perfered by men with larger than average penis sizeMen who are larger than above average flock to the Trojan Magnum brand because the other brands are not able to fit properly. A penis that is too large poses several disadvantages- one of which is caused by condom breakage. This is quite serious as it opens up the possibilities of catching a STD.

Even though sex is designed mainly for reproductive purposes, most people engage in sex as a form of recreation. During these periods, the last thing on the mind is to become pregnant that’s why persons wear condoms to prevent this from happening.

If the condom breaks the changes of a pregnancy is greatly increased. If your penis is larger than 6 inches then its best that you wear a condoms that supports both the length and girth. By doing this you will greatly reduce the chances of slippage or breakage.


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Penis Exercise FAQ

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Q) How exactly can a guy make his penis bigger?

A) The process that your body goes through is scientifically proven. When you perform our penis enlargement exercises, you break down the cells and tissues within your penis. Your body repairs itself by slowly creating more cells and expanding the tissue, allowing more room for blood to flow. The additional room and increased blood flow results in a longer, bigger penis.

Q) How soon can I expect to see results?

A) Everybody is different. Some people see results within a couple of weeks. Others notice more length and size after a couple of months. A lot also depends upon how diligently you perform the exercises, your commitment and your health. If you perform the exercises each day, you’ll see results more quickly than if you do them once or twice a week. Think of it like training for a sports event. You have to be diligent.

Q) How much length can I add to my penis?

A) Results vary for each person. Some of the guys who do our exercises gain 1 inch. Most guys gain 2 inches and some add 3 inches to their penis length. There have also been a few guys who have added 4 inches.

Q) If I’m an older guy, can I still make my penis larger?

A) Absolutely. Some experts say that it’s actually easier for older guys to add length and girth.

Q) I’m out of shape. Can I still make my penis larger?

A) Yes. However, the best results are seen by guys who have good circulation. And that usually requires that a person be in good physical condition. If you’re out of shape, you can definitely perform our exercises and add size to your penis. Your progress (and the results you see) may be a little slower than guys in great shape. But, commit yourself. You’ll see results.

Questions About Penis Enlargement Techniques

Q) Where should I focus my attention when I’m doing the exercises to stretch my penis?

A) A lot of guys think that stretching their skin is how to add length. But, that’s completely wrong. Focus your attention on the flow of your blood. If you begin pulling on your penis to stretch the skin (hey, it’s natural), stop. You’re doing it wrong. And if you keep doing the exercises wrong, you won’t see the results you want.

Q) What’s the most important thing to focus on when I do the jelq exercise?

A) The key is the firmness of your grip on your penis. If you apply too little pressure, you won’t be able to encourage enough blood flow. Without the blood flow, the cells and tissue in your penis can’t fill completely with blood. If they don’t entirely fill with blood, they can’t expand. Ultimately, if you don’t apply enough pressure, you won’t see results.

The flip side is when you apply too much pressure. Excess pressure will trap the blood and prevent its flow throughout your penis. Think of how a tourniquet cuts off the flow of blood. It’s the same principle. Also, too much pressure during the jelq technique can bruise your penis. If that happens, you’ll need to avoid doing the exercises until your body heals the bruised tissue. And that, of course, delays results.

Q) Am I applying the right amount of pressure during the jelq exercise?

A) Be aware of what your body is telling you while you’re performing this technique. Watch your penis. Feel the sensations during the exercise. If you’re using too much pressure, you’ll notice the tissue starting to darken. That’s an early indication of bruising. It means you should ease up on the pressure.

On the other hand, if you can’t feel blood flowing throughout your penis, you’re probably using too little pressure. Apply more. The key to the jelq is to encourage blood flow by exerting pressure. But, you shouldn’t experience discomfort. Pay attention to your body. It’s the best way to measure the right amount of pressure. 

Questions About Penis Enlargement Exercises

Q) Should I exercise during a specific time of day?

A) You can perform the exercises anytime that’s best for your schedule. Some guys like to do them before heading into the office. Others prefer to do them when they get home from work or right before they go to bed. Choose a time that works best for you and be consistent.

Q) If I have the time, should I do the exercises more than once a day?

A) No. The key to enlarging your penis is allowing your body to recuperate after doing the exercises. That takes about 24 hours. If you repeat the exercises before your body has properly repaired the tissues in your penis, you won’t see growth. Perform them once a day and be consistent.

Q) Should I perform the exercises every day of the week?

A) We tell our clients to do the exercises each day for 5 straight days. Then, take 2 days off. This allows your body more time to regenerate cells and expand the tissues in your penis. During the 5 days that you’re actually doing the exercises (only once per day!), your body uses the time off (24 hours) to do its job. However, allowing your body an extra 2 days for recuperation usually provides even bigger gains. Your body can completely repair itself.

We’ve noticed that the men who see the least amount of growth are those who don’t allow their bodies enough time to recuperate. Instead, they dive into the exercises 7 days a week.

Exercise 5 days. Then, take 2 days off. You may feel like you’re not being productive during those 2 “vacation” days. But, your body is actually at its most productive state.

Q) Do I need to do the exercises for the recommended number of minutes?

A) We created these exercises to maximize their effectiveness while minimizing the amount of time required to do them. If you cut corners, you’ll see less results. We strongly suggest that you perform the exercises exactly as they’re described for the amount of time recommended. After you get into the routine of doing them consistently, you’ll find it easy to set aside the required time.

As with anything, your progress is a result of your commitment and dedication. Do the exercises diligently and you’ll see the results you want over time.

Q) Is it okay if I take more than a couple days off from the exercises?

A) We always recommend consistency when doing these exercises. Taking a couple of days off after 5 days of consistent exercise is a great idea. However, taking several days off can destroy your momentum. We understand that things can happen which limit the time you have available to perform these exercises. But, some of these techniques can be performed at any time in any place. For example, you can do exercises that strengthen your PC muscle while you’re driving or sitting in a meeting.

Being perfect is obviously impossible. Every schedule has snafus. But, you’ll need to do the exercises with consistency. Don’t take several days off.

Q) How soon after sex can I perform the exercises?

A) Wait 1 day after having sex before doing the exercises. If you’ve been enjoying especially vigorous sex, you may even want to wait 2 days. The reason is because you want to give your body enough time to recuperate and adjust before resuming your exercise routine.

Q) Can I break the exercise routine into several parts throughout the day?

A) Absolutely. We understand that doing our entire exercise regimen can take a lot of time. Not everyone can devote the time necessary all at once. So, feel free to do the exercises a few at a time throughout the day. It won’t hurt your progress at all.

Q) What lotion should I use for lubrication during the jelq technique?

A) Don’t use lotions. They don’t offer sufficient lubrication because they tend to dissipate too quickly. Also, avoid using shampoo or soap. The jelq technique requires pressure. Soaps and shampoos can cause severe dryness. Instead, use a water-based or oil-based lubricant. Popular brands include KY Jelly and Astroglide. You can even use Vitamin E oil or baby oil.

Q) During the stretching exercises, I keep losing my grip. What can I do?

A) It’s easy to lose your grip when doing the stretching exercises. But, here’s a great way to fix the problem: use a little baby powder. It’s easy to use, cheap to buy and will prevent you from losing your grip on your penis. We’ve received a lot of emails from guys using baby powder. It works perfectly.

Q) Should I trim my pubic hair to make doing the stretching exercises easier?

A) That’s a great idea and we recommend it. Pubic hair can easily get in the way when you’re performing these penis enlargement exercises. Trim it out of the way. Not only will this prevent uncomfortable pulling of the hair, but it’ll make your penis look larger (which helps you maintain focus on the exercises).

Q) Is it important to do the warm up exercises?

A) Yes! In fact, this may be the most important part of your entire exercise routine. When you warm up, the tissue within your penis has the opportunity to become more elastic. It will stretch and expand more easily with less potential of injury. Plus, warming up encourages increased blood circulation in your penis. Since blood flow is critical to seeing results from these exercises, warming up should not be neglected.

Q) Is it important to warm down after performing the exercises?

A) Yes! Warming down is just as important as warming up. It allows your body to recuperate more quickly. The faster your body can heal the cells and begin expanding the tissues throughout your penis, the faster you’ll see results.

Q) How can I prevent getting an erection while doing the exercises?

A) First of all, don’t get frustrated. Getting aroused while performing these exercises is completely natural. Remember, your penis has grown used to the same process for years: arousal, erection, orgasm. So, it’s normal to get an erection when starting these exercises. Over time, as you perform these techniques consistently, your body will get used them. As you slowly build ejaculatory control, you’ll experience erections during your routine less frequently and eventually not at all.

In the meantime, when you get an erection during a technique, simply stop what you’re doing for a moment. Your erection will subside and you can resume the exercise. Focus your attention on the blood flow into your penis. If you can control your thoughts, you can control your erections.

Q) Is it okay to ejaculate after doing the exercises?

A) You should NOT ejaculate before or after the exercises. And here’s why…

After ejaculation, the tissues in your penis constrict and your levels of testosterone diminish. To get the most out of these exercises, you need your penile tissues to expand. This encourages increased blood flow into the penis, which is necessary to add length and girth.

If you ejaculate before doing these penis enlargement techniques, wait 2 hours. This will give your body enough time to recuperate. Also, wait at least 3 hours after doing your exercise routine before ejaculating.

One last note: Even though you’ll feel the urge to ejaculate while performing these techniques, don’t. Your progress is dependent upon developing the ability to control your ejaculations. If you do so before you’re done with the exercises, you’ll have blown your momentum. If the urge to ejaculate is strong while performing a certain technique, stop and let the urge subside. Once it does, resume the exercise.

Q) Is it normal for my penis to feel sore after doing the exercises?

A) Don’t panic if you feel a little soreness (especially if you’re just beginning). It’s normal. During the first few weeks, your penis is still getting accustomed to the stretching and pulling pressure you’re exerting on it. Give your penis time to adjust and make sure you’re using a good lubricant.

One common reason some men experience soreness is that they neglect doing the warm up and warm down exercises. Both are necessary.

If you’re feeling intense soreness, take a few days off. You may have ruptured capillaries or have caused bruising. But, try not to stop doing the exercises completely. Instead, cut back on the repetitions and time spent. Once the soreness goes away, you can bump up your routine back to the normal recommended levels.

Q) Is it okay to have sex right after performing these exercises?

A) We always recommend that you allow your body 1 day to recuperate after doing the exercises before having sex. Remember, most of the results you’ll see in the size of your penis are due to how effective your body is at repairing itself afterward. You won’t cause any harm to your penis by having sex soon after doing your technique. But, it can slightly impact your progress.

Q) Can I add changes to the exercises?

A) We created these exercises to maximize your results. That being said, feel free to choose certain exercises over others. We always recommend going through the entire regimen, but you can customize your program according to your preferences. But, don’t neglect the warm up or warm down exercises. Those are critical and should be a part of every penis enlargement program.

Q) Do I need to take any additional steps if I’m not circumcised?

A) There are no additional steps you need to take. However, you should keep one thing in mind: some of the exercises require you to stop at the base of your penis head. If you’re uncircumcised, your foreskin will cover the head of your penis. It’s not a big deal because you can easily feel the point at which the head begins. So, you don’t need to do anything different than someone who’s circumcised. You just have to pay more attention to your body.

Q) How long should I continue doing these exercises?

A) Technically, you can do them for the rest of your life. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll experience continued growth. Your penile tissue can expand but it has its limits. You’ll experience the most significant growth during the first 6 months of performing the exercises.

However, a few of the exercises can be valuable if performed consistently over the years. For example, the strength of your PC muscle can decline over time. So, it’s a good idea to continue doing those exercises even after you’ve achieved maximum penile growth.

Questions About Maximizing Results

Q) How can I get fast results when using your penis enlargement exercises?

A) The best way to get quick results is to build your workout routine around our exercises. We created the regimen to maximize your results in the shortest time possible. The key is to focus and be diligent. It’s so easy to be lazy one day and neglect doing your exercises. But, if you skip a day here or there, you can slow your progress dramatically.

Remember how these penis enlargement techniques work. Your body goes through a daily healing process and expands your penile tissue. It’s the same with bodybuilders. It takes time to add mass to your body. Enlarging your penis works the same way.

Focus and be consistent in doing your exercises. You may see results a couple of weeks. Or, it may take a few months. But, commit yourself to doing your exercises as we recommend.

Other questions about penis exercises

Q) What happens if I masturbate while doing these exercises?

A) If you masturbate right before performing the penis enlargement techniques that we recommend, it may cause soreness in the head of your penis. Our suggestion: if you have to masturbate, do so 2 hours before doing the exercises.

Q) Would you tell me what the PC muscle is?

A) PC stands for pubococcygeus. But, you don’t need to remember that. The only thing you need to remember is that the PC muscle forms around your penis, anus and prostate. It encircles your genitals in a figure eight that connects your tailbone with your pubic bone. Some people refer to your PC muscle as the “love” muscle because it has a vital role in your body’s sexual response. When you have an orgasm and ejaculate, your body experiences a series of spasms. Those spasms are due to your PC muscle going through contractions.

Q) What makes the PC muscle so important to sex?

A) Developing the strength of your PC muscle is one of the best ways you can enjoy sex more. Here’s a little fact that will describe why: 85% of men can’t have sex longer than 3 minutes without ejaculating. And it’s all due to their PC muscle. It’s weak. It’s underdeveloped. And ultimately, their sexual experiences (and their partner’s) are lackluster. But, if you exercise your PC muscle, you can last as long as you want while having sex.

Q) If that’s not enough reason for you to develop that muscle, here are a few more…

  1. you can get rock solid erections whenever you want.
  2. you (and your partner) can experience multiple orgasms without tiring.
  3. not only will your erections be hard as a rock, your penis will actually look muscular (a huge turn-on to your partner).
  4. you can have the sexual stamina that only a few men experience. Plus, you’ll be able to ejaculate more and your orgasms will be much more intense.
  5. A stronger PC muscle leads to better circulation. That paves the way for a bigger penis and greater sensitivity during sex.

Q) Where is my PC muscle?

A) Your PC muscle sits between your anus and your testicles. There are a number of ways to locate it (and we’ve covered that in detail elsewhere on our site). Here’s one of the easiest ways to find the muscle: while urinating, stop while in midstream. You’ll feel a muscle contraction. That’s your PC muscle.

Q) How can I fix my curved penis?

A) Normally, if your penis is curved, it’s due to one side being tighter than the other. If you’re diligent in doing the penis enlargement exercises that we recommend, you’ll find that your penis will eventually straighten out.

Q) Can you recommend any exercises to help me overcome impotence?

A) A lot of impotence problems are due to having a weak PC muscle. If that muscle isn’t developed, it can prevent you from getting and sustaining an erection. Perform the exercises that we created for strengthening your PC muscle (you’ll find them on this site). A well-developed PC muscle can help resolve age-related impotence issues. But, you have to do the exercises consistently.

Q) As a result of doing the exercises, my penis is now the size I want. How do I stay this size?

A) You’ve obviously been doing the exercises consistently (a key point that we continue to drill home). So, congratulations. You definitely deserve the gains you’ve seen. Now, to keep your current larger penis size, you should do the same exercises but scale them down.

For example, there’s no need to do them every day. Do them 3 times per week. Plus, reduce the repetitions to 50% (or even 30%) of the normal routine. You’re simply maintaining your new, larger penis size. Remember, your penis is like any muscle: if you don’t use it, it’ll atrophy. So, doing a few penis stretches and maybe a jelq every once in a while is necessary to maintain your size.

Also, don’t forget to continue working your PC muscle (trust us, your partner will thank you!).


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Why open communication and vulnerability is the ultimate aphrodisiac

It isn’t the designer labels you wear or the fancy car you drive, the secret to sexual attraction and long-term relationships lies in your ability to make yourself vulnerable. Yes! A trait that is often portrayed as a weakness takes on a different role in building relationships because we humans crave nothing more than to connect with other people. We live with our families, work in groups, form romantic bonds as couples, and revel in friendships. The desire is to connect with others is within our heart, whether we like to acknowledge it or not.

Connected or not connected – that is the question

A researcher (read about his research here) from the University of Houston, who happens to be an expert in the field of vulnerability carried out research to find out the difference between people who connect easily and those who don’t. Her research led to a conclusion that individuals who had a strong sense of love and belonging were those who genuinely believed they are worthy of receiving love.

When people found themselves worthy of making friends and capable of developing connections, they tend to move towards people similar to them. They are the ones who usually say “I love you” first and they also do not hesitate to say “I miss you.” They will be open to receive love and affection and the eternally grateful if you give them the connectedness they crave.

However, this doesn’t mean people who long for making connections always get what they want. It just means they are more than willing to be vulnerable in relationships, putting aside their inhibitions and shame if the feeling is not reciprocated. These are the people who do not blame themselves and their “unworthiness” for their disconnection. To receive openly and abundantly with gratitude is their motto and to make others feel safe in the company their aim.

What causes distress in the relationship?

You’re not the only one who struggles with vulnerability because millions of people around the world feel the same way as you do. But, what do we actually trade for our inability to make ourselves vulnerable? You might have seen couples fighting, getting divorced, or cheating on one another; but have you ever wondered what may have caused them to drift apart? Well, it all begins from the moment one decides to lie or conveniently not tell the truth about something that they should have.

Lack of vulnerability also affects a person’s willingness to become physically intimate with their partner. They either feel insecure about their own body or just do not trust their partner enough to bare it all. The vulnerability is known as the ultimate aphrodisiac for a reason, and you shouldn’t ever ignore its benefits if you want to enjoy a sexually fulfilling relationship.

How to become more vulnerable?

We are glad that you asked this question; in fact, not many people realize how important it is to learn how to open up to their partner. Even though the process may seem long and arduous, it’s important you follow it through to make your relationship everlasting. So, what can you do to establish more emotional vulnerability? Read on to find out.

  1. Listen to your heart: When you’re conflicted at choosing either the opinion of your heart or your mind, go ahead and do what you truly want. The voice that speaks from intuition and it gives you this particular gut feeling is worth paying attention. Love openly and honestly, and receive as much as you can gratefully. If you love is no longer there, move towards what you want and be vulnerable enough to fall in love again. When you do what your heart says, you’ll always find that life is much brighter.
  2. Show courage in the face of adversity: Imagine we live in a world where shame doesn’t exist. What other things you’d likely do first? Change your job? Tell someone you love them? Get out of the relationship that is damaging your soul? Or fight for someone you truly love? Rejection and disappointment are a part of life that will not go away. However, you can train yourself to care less about shame and disappointment by being brave. It is better to do something and see what happens then to live an entire life wondering about what could have happened.
  3. Let the feeling last: We are living in an increasingly fast paced world where things that do not hold our attention are labeled as useless. We have very little tolerance for discomfort or uncertainty and tend to move towards finding a solution as quickly as possible. But sometimes, discomfort is where we need to be for our own sake. We deal with everything today – health, people, problems, feelings to a point where there is no time to gain an insight. We often find clarity and inside in places where most uncomfortable and become a wiser person as a result.
  4. Look towards the future: the key to making yourself more vulnerable is to look ahead for what might be in store. We often let our past experiences change us not for the better and hence end up spoiling relationships in the present. If you want to live a more emotionally fulfilling state of mind and enjoy the harmony of giving and receiving love, then let go of your past inhibitions and look towards the future with a positive mind. We promise you’ll be making the right kind of friendships and having a more intimate relationship with your partner.

Vulnerability – the ultimate aphrodisiac

We all have a need to protect ourselves, true. But somewhere along the way, the desire for self-protection has overtaken our need to connect with others. Not many things in this world heart as much as a heartbreak caused by a relationship. But avoiding heartbreak and steering clear of uncertainty are not a part of being human. It is only when we embrace the possibilities of getting hurt once again that we truly open ourselves to give and receive love abundantly.

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How to remain fresh down there – Tips on Penis hygiene

The masculine scent is appealing to women, but not to an extent when it becomes overbearing and mainly emanating from a place that is below your belt. Sure, you can walk like a man, talk like a man, and smell like a man; but you need to take care of the order of your private parts if you plan on getting frisky and also for general well-being.

A smelly undercarriage may also indicate health issues that need immediate attention or may prove to be fatal. For simple order problems, you can just practice penis health tips to keep feeling and smelling fresh all day long.

remain fresh down there- penis hygine

What is the cause of smelly privates?

The main reason for below the belt order is bacteria growing on the skin. The bacteria, responsible for producing a foul odor, thrive in warm and moist areas like the crotch and its surroundings, so unless a man walks around naked the entire day, he’s bound to be susceptible to bacteria. So, what gives rise to a warm and moist skin environment? Let’s find out.

  1. Pubic hair: Thick and long pubic hair not only traps and pleasant scents in your groin region but also promotes the growth of bacteria. Excessive pubic hair also contributes to perspiration due to excessive heat generation, thus in turn creating the ideal environment for driving off bacteria. Pubic hair, if not trimmed or shaved, can also lead to difficulty in mobility as they tend to get inside of the foreskin.
  2. Lack of hygiene: Men who tend to get sweaty more than others and do not take adequate time to groom themselves may often struggle with penis smell. Those who are uncircumcised may have more difficulty in preventing bacterial growth than men who were circumcised because the foreskin can hide bacteria really well. So, it’s important that you pull back the foreskin slightly and wash underneath to get properly rid of urine and other bacteria inducing substances.
  3. Urine: Men do everything within their possibility to shake off the last few drops after they’re done peeing. However, the last trickle often remains inside of the urethra and dribbles out entirely only after the flu has completely stopped. This drop of pee may end up getting collected inside of the foreskin, thus leading to the foul smell.
  4. Yeast Infection: Yeast infection is a serious issue that causes your groin area to smell real bad. If you spot cheesy, white discharge, along with fishy smell, it may be due to yeast infection. Some other signs are burning during urination and excessive itching.

Grooming keeps your privates fresh all day long

Just a few more steps to your regular grooming routine can help you stay clean below the belt all day and keep you ready for some excitement by the end of it. These tips are easy to follow, and you can practice them without spending a fortune at the cosmetic on regular hygiene store.

  • Wash your privates daily using a mild soap and water, after a hard day of breaking a sweat. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly so as to avoid trapping excessive moisture around your genitals and groin.
  • Regularly trim or shave off pubic hair to keep the smell of sweat at bay. If shaving off your man fur is not exactly to your liking, then at least trim the hedges a bit. Having a clean groin area will ensure you do not trap too much heat, which is the breeding ground for bacteria.
  • You can consider going for a laser hair removal treatment to rid permanently of pubic hair if regular trimming and shaving is a hassle.
  • Don’t try to cover up the smell by using deodorants and perfumes that contain chemicals that can cause serious irritation and inflammation of the skin.
  • Do not ignore odor coming from the penis, pain or extreme discharge as it could mean you have some sort of infection. See a doctor immediately without any delay.
  • You can also buy creams and ointments from a reputed brand that serves the purpose of keeping you fresh below the belt. However, exercise caution while applying and do not ignore the instructions.

Word of the Day

Gentlemen, we understand how difficult it may be for you to maintain perfect hygiene in your privates especially if your line of work involves a lot of physical activity. But, that’s no reason to give up the grooming altogether. Just follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll be ready rock in the bedroom 24 hours a day.


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Sexual Attraction – Is it really that Superficial?

Most of us have wondered about this at some point in our lives. What is the mechanism behind Sexual attraction? What are the characteristics and traits that people look for in a potential sexual partner? Is it all about looks, is it really that superficial? If these questions often arise in your mind, and you want to have a proper scientific answer explaining all the mechanisms and reasoning behind sexual attraction, then you have come to the right place.

This article will look deep into the sphere of sexual attraction and try to unlock all the mysteries behind it and answer your questions regarding it. First, it is time to look inside the science behind Sexual Attraction.

Science behind Sexual Attraction

Sexual Attraction can work in mysterious ways just like love does. We often wonder why out of a lot of people; some particular person catches our eyes. Well, the answer to that lies in the numerous invisible forces that are at play. These invisible forces are what determine which members of the opposite sex we get attracted to what the ones we don’t get attracted to. Now while physical appearance does play a pretty significant role in the process of sexual attraction, it is not the only thing that matters. Members of both the sexes look for other aspects such as personality traits, interests, and values in a potential sexual partner.

Scientific research is still ongoing to shed more light on the mechanisms behind sexual attraction and provide more information about the factors behind why people choose a certain sexual mate. The whole process is a very complicated one and providing a universal answer to all the questions is next to impossible. But we do know some of the forces at play behind the attraction. Some of these are explained below.


1. People fall in love with their partner’s smell

Smell is not really the accurate term to describe sensing someone’s pheromones. Pheromones are a type of chemical that bears a particular scent and are secreted in a person’s sweat and other body fluids. Pheromones are confirmed to play a prominent role in the process of sexual attraction in animals and humans as well. One particular type of pheromone known as the “releaser” which constitutes of compounds called androstenol, androstadienone, and androsterone are involved with the process of sexual attraction.

In one study conducted, the female participants were asked to smell the sweaty shirts of men and in this research, it was found that women could sniff out the symmetry of the men and how attractive they were.

Pheromones can be created synthetically and can be used as a parfume for both men and women, the top brand are it is a really cheap and effective way to get attention from the opposite sex.


2. Women assess the markers of masculinity 

What this means is that women are attracted to masculine traits. Women prefer more masculine looking men which include broad shoulders and a strong jaw line. The reason behind this is thought to be that these features are associated with better health and fertility.

But in today’s world, this might not always hold true. Although women have evolved in a way that they seek out virility, that does not always mean that every woman today seek out only “Manly” men. Not every woman out there prefers a very masculine man. In fact, a study found out that women from poorer environments were more attracted to the more masculine men while women belonging to rich environments preferred more feminine looking men.

3. Personality is crucial as well

Sexual attraction is not all that superficial. Nature does play a significant factor in this process and can determine how “hot” he or she is.

One such personality trait is kindness, which can make a person much more attractive and much more likable. There was a particular study conducted in 2014 that concluded that having positive personality traits can actually increase the perceived facial attractiveness of the person. So basically, a good character sort of fools’ the opposite sex into thinking you are physically much more attractive than you really are.

4. Attraction is a highly unique and individual matter

While science may explain some of the mechanisms behind sexual attraction and give us a lead into what people find attractive and what they don’t, in the end, sexual attraction is a unique and works in a different way in different people.

One particular Anthropologist named Helen Fisher who has been studying love and romance for years, explains that every individual has a “love map” which determine who we are more attracted to.

Now that we know the science behind sexual attraction and we also know that science cannot always explain this phenomenon, we will now take a look into some of the general rules of attraction which go much beyond physical appearance. While this holds true for both sexes, these apply more to the men out there.

Rules of Attraction

1. Don’t be boring: The human brain is pretty similar to hungry babies who get bored easily and demand a regular dose of entertainment. Just being hot Is not enough, an entertaining personality is also just as important if not more. The human brain gets attracted to interesting, intriguing and engaging people.

People often act boring to be perceived as not weird or different and thus we always have that same boring old social script that constitute of “What do you do?” and “Where are you from?”. People often don’t show their true feelings or express themselves as they would want just to fit in. But you know what? Fitting in sucks and is annoying. Be entertaining and lively.

2. Body Language: Proper Body Language expresses availability and increases your attractiveness while interacting with others.

For example, it has been found out that keeping your torso, chest, and abdomen open is an excellent way to show that you are available. While crossed arms, checking your phone in front of your chest give the vibe that you are unavailable. Research has also demonstrated that when people keep their hands inside pockets while interacting, they seem less trustworthy.

While these small things might seem insignificant, they have a pretty significant effect on the subconscious mind of other people. So having proper body language is a great way to be more sexually attractive.

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Myths and Facts about circumcision. Do women prefer cut or uncut?

Circumcised or uncircumcised? That’s one of the most raging topics out there today, and everyone has their own views and opinions about it. Although the rates of circumcision are declining sharply across America, the issue remains hotly debated. Many parents are questioning whether to go for that circumcision for their newborns or not. I will compare some of the advantages and disadvantages of circumcision. I will try to provide an answer to the age-old question if a cut or an uncut penis is more preferable.

We will also look into several myths about circumcision and try to debunk them and give you real hard facts. Another question that may arise in the minds of several young men is whether women prefer a circumcised or an uncircumcised penis. This article will look into that as well and give you some reliable information regarding the preferences of women.

Several research institutes and entertainment magazines have conducted many studies in which they interview women and men on their preferences, and that is where we get most of our information regarding the topic.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the Myths and Facts attached to circumcision.

Myths and Facts about Circumcision

The most common surgical procedure that is performed on newborn males in the United States is the surgery to make them circumcised. Although no medical society in the whole world recommends circumcision, there are still several misconceptions that there are health benefits to male circumcision. This invasive procedure is associated with several health risks which include infection, surgical mishap, hemorrhage and even death. There are also ethical considerations that one should keep in mind before going for the surgery for their newborns.

Although several people argue that a circumcised penis looks aesthetically pleasing and claim that a cut penis is more hygienic (which is very debatable), does that justify giving up on a ton of sexual pleasure and the unnecessary mutilation of a body part?

Myth 1: The surgical circumcision of a baby boy is a totally safe and harmless procedure

Fact: Surgical Removal of the foreskin is not only painful for the child, but it also creates some immediate health risks for the baby and even causes some serious complications. There is a chance of infection, scarring, hemorrhage, difficulty urinating and in very rare cases even death. These complications can occur in the best of clinical settings as well.

Myth 2: If I don’t circumcise my son, he will be ridiculed

Fact: With changing times, people’s perceptions and understandings of circumcision have also changed. Although the popularity of this surgery varies depending on the geographical areas, nearly half of the newborn babies today leave the hospital uncircumcised. Medically advanced nations mostly do not practice child circumcision. In fact, three-quarters of the men in the world are uncircumcised.

Myths 3: Circumcision of newborn boys has health benefits later in life

Fact: There is absolutely no link whatsoever between circumcision and better health. It’s quite the opposite actually as cutting the baby’s genitals create some immediate health risks. In fact, the foreskin is an important and highly functional part of the body that protects the head of the penis from injury and also provides moisture and lubrication. Circumcision also leads to a diminishing sexual pleasure later in life.

Myth 4: Circumcision of the penis helps prevent HIV

Fact: This is one of the most popular ones out there. But in truth, claims that circumcision prevents a man from HIV have been proven to be exaggerated and false many times. Only abstinence from sex or practicing safe sex which includes the use of condoms can help prevent the spread of all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.

Myth 5: Circumcision of baby boys is not comparable to Female Genital Mutilation

Fact: The rationales that are offered by the cultures that promote female genital mutilation are quite similar to the explanations provided in the cultures that support male circumcision. These include claims about hygiene, prevention from diseases, improved genital appearance, and social acceptance. Regardless of the rationale, forcing the removal of healthy genital tissue from the body of any child whether it be a male or a female is straight up unethical. Boys have the same right to have an intact body just like girls do and thus to be spared from the inhumane and unnecessary surgery.

Do women prefer a cut or uncut penis?

Now that we have answered some of the very common myths about circumcision and provided facts, we can now get to the question which a lot of youngsters have in their minds. A lot of the men are confused whether it is a circumcised or an uncircumcised penis that women prefer. Well, the answer to that is it depends on the individual. Different people have various aspects or preferences that they look for in a sexual partner, and this is similar. Although it is VERY unlikely that women will reject a man just for being uncut or otherwise.

It often happens that women develop a preference for uncut penises or circumcised ones depending on what they have been exposed to in a majority of the cases. This is true especially in the United States as a lot of the men are circumcised there and thus a majority of the women there have only been familiar with a circumcised penis, which they consider to be the norm. This is not true once you leave the country as majority of the male populations of Europe and Asia as well as other continents have uncut penises and the women in these countries have no such preferences.

So, what’s the word?

Regardless of the geographical boundaries, there are mixed responses from women on what they prefer. But an overwhelming majority of the women all agree that whether a man is cut or uncut does not matter much to them, and they are comfortable with both. So, you don’t need to worry much about you penis being uncut, and if you’re considering going under the scissors, it is highly suggested to give it another thought as the complications associated with circumcision are not worth it.

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Is there any correlation between what you eat and how you taste and smell down there?


This article will talk about a rather cringy topic that a lot of us tend to avoid. Today, we will be talking about genital taste and smell. While this subject is indeed a bit too personal and uncomfortable for some, nonetheless a lot of people especially women are often self-conscious about it. So knowing more about it and learning the ways in which you can taste and smell better down there will help you get rid of the self-consciousness and thus improve your sex life significantly.

Did you know that what you eat can actually have a big effect on how you smell and taste down there? Different kinds of foods can impact the taste and smell of vaginal secretions. However, there exists no particular recipe to make you always taste delicious. It depends on how these foods affect your body chemistry. There has been no research work done on this topic and hence all we have is anecdotal evidence.

What affects Genital Taste and smell?

Everything that you eat can potentially affect the secretions of your body which include sexual fluids. The food you eat could have both positive and negative effects on the taste and smell of the genital area depending on how your body reacts to the food. There are some particular foods and drinks such as garlic, asparagus, alcohol, red meat, broccoli and dairy that can lead to unpleasant odors around the genital areas while citrus fruits, pineapple, in particular, can actually help improve the smell and make the vagina taste “sweeter”.

What food affect the genetical area

The reason behind this is the fact that when we consume our food, they are digested by the body and carried in the bloodstream to various glands and tissues of our body including the prostate, seminal vesicle, the vaginal wall and the sweat glands. The smell and taste of these foods is released by the secretions of these glands, and hence we observe a noticeable change in our body odor and flavor, including the fragrance and taste of the genital area.

One way to taste and smell great down there is to modify our diet and ditch foods like red meat and garlic while at the same time consuming decent amounts of citrus fruits and vanilla. Now whether it is worth it to take up these changes is entirely up for you to decide.

Does the Genital smell of men and women differ?

Technically, how the both men and females smell and taste in their genital area is affected by the same factors and the same things apply to both the sexes more or less. But certain factors can influence the aroma of the different sexes in different ways.

Men tend to have a fatty acid in their sweat which upon the exposure of bacteria produces a rather unpleasant and cheesy odor while women do not produce this particular fatty acid in their sweats. But women tend to have a higher concentration of a sulfur compound in their sweat which when exposed to bacteria can make it smell something similar to onions. One of the main causes of vaginal odor for women is bacteria which lead to the release of fishy smelling amines. Having pubic hair can magnify the smell as the aroma gets trapped in the pubic hair. So shaving off the extra hair can help a lot in making the genital area smell better.

How to make Oral Sex a more pleasant experience

One of the most important things to consider when talking about a pleasant oral sexual experience is cleanliness. A properly clean genital region is far more likely to smell and taste better compared to an unclean one.

Here are some tips you can follow to improve your smell:

  • Wearing cotton underwear or no underwear at all can actually reduce sweat produced in the region and thus lower a number of bacteria making it smell better.
  • If you are a woman, and you suffer from a yeast problem, then consider cutting down on your sugar and alcohol consumption.
  • Eat and drink more citrus fruits and vanilla. Pineapple is believed to make the vagina taste “sweeter.”

Sometimes what is most important at the end of the day is to break down on all kinds of sexual barriers and just enjoy instead of worrying and being self-conscious. That is probably the best way to have a great sex life.

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5 things women want their man to have

5 Things women want their men to have!

the men on my couch - True Stories of Sex, Love and Psychotherapy by Brandy EnglerWhen you imagine the perfect woman in your mind, what’s the breathtaking image that appears first? There is no rocket science involved in this case, but it is probably a combination of an attractive face, a large set of bosoms, and a perky butt. Yeah, we know what most men think about, and we are also sure you’re nodding your head in agreement.
But, have you ever wondered what qualities women look for in a man? If your answer is the size of your penis, then you’re dead wrong! Brandy Engler, Ph.D., who is a Los Angeles-based sex therapist and also the author of “The Men on My Couch” (Affiliate link), says that penis size is the last thing on a woman’s mind when imagining your sexual resume.

What do women want?

Get rid of the insecurity about your measurements and focus on your skills to be a good partner and lover. Remember, sex for women begins long before entering the bedroom, and if you can entice her beforehand with naughty text and images, the chances are that you’ll end up having mind blowing sex. Everything being said, the penis does play a role but not in the way you imagine.

5 things women want their man to have

Check out this list of five things a woman wants in a man:

  1. Your undivided attention: If there is one thing that women want, which all men can agree on, is attention. There is no better way to establish an emotional bond than by making your partner feel that she is being heard, and her opinion is valuable. Every time you decide to check your phone, turn the TV channel, or place excessive importance on other things when having a conversation, you pay the way for security and lack of self-worth creep in. Show her that she is important, and your conversations matter to you a lot.
    When you’re out on a first date with a charming lady, demonstrate that you’re listening by repeating what she said in your own words. Don’t just sound like a parrot, show enthusiasm through your words and maintain eye contact. You’d want to ask her about the things she values, her dreams and ambitions, her favorite holiday destinations, among other things. There is nothing sexier to a women than a man who listens.
  2. To be taken by surprise: If you thought the days of flowers and chocolates were long gone, then think again. While the fad of holding a bouquet in your arm behind your back and patiently waiting for your lover to show up may be passé, you can still show your lady love care and affection by surprising her once in awhile. You don’t need to take her to a fancy restaurant or buy her expensive jewelry; you just need to plan an idea good enough to show her that you care.
    Don’t just offer to take her to a movie, make a reservation at a restaurant she has been dying to dine or simply take her out on a long spontaneous drive. To keep your woman emotionally engaged and frisky in the bedroom, you have to prepare for it well in advance. Keep no stone unturned to show how much you value her presence in your life.
  3. A man willing to learn: Everybody likes a enthusiastic partner who doesn’t shy away from admitting their shortcomings or willingness to learn. Don’t be THAT guy who only cares about himself, thus earning scorn from the women he’s been with. To be excellent in the bedroom, you have to clear the channels for open communication so that your partner feels comfortable in telling you about her deepest desires.
    Taking physical clues from the morning and facial expression is good, but nothing can beat a heart to heart talk about fetishes and fantasies. Don’t just jump right into sex, explore every inch of her body – kiss her in the erotic zones, play with her hair, and whisper dirty words into her ears to turn her on more than ever. When going down on her, ask about what feels most pleasurable and follow her lead to become the best lover she has ever been with.
  4. Compliments, compliments, and more compliments: Forget the insecurity you have about your penis size, you’d be astonished if you ever find out how insecure women are about their bodies. If you notice your partner feeling nervous in baring it all, it can be taken as a sign that she is not yet ready and is insecure about her body. Use this opportunity to tell her how beautiful she is and how sexy she looks in her matching undergarments and how you can’t wait to take all the clothes of her.
    Timely compliments can help establish a greater emotional connection so that she feels comfortable getting naked with you. And don’t just compliment her when you’re in bed; tell her how cute she looks wearing the kitchen apron, hug her from behind when she’s least expecting it, and compliment on her imperfections by saying there is no one else you’d rather be with than her.
  5. A man who is comfortable in his own skin: By now, you probably have some useful ideas on how to turn your woman on and keep her interested in the relationship. Seriously, it’s time that you put this advice into practice and work towards becoming the best version of yourself. Stop fixating on the size of your penis and work towards developing your personality that she finds irresistible. You are awesome enough by being yourself, so the last thing you’d need to try is to be someone else.

Next time you find yourself in the bedroom and ripping each other’s clothes off due to an overwhelming sexual desire, that’s the time you can reaffirm that you’ve got all the advice right, and she can’t get enough of you.

Still think you penis size is a problem? Take a look at “why you shouldn’t fixate on sizeorpenis size and sexual satisfaction

Written by Austin


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never focus on penis size

Think your penis isn’t big enough?

Here’s why you shouldn’t fixate on size:

A question that men have been asking since the beginning of time is whether their penis is big enough or not. While there isn’t any “Yes” or “No” answer to this question, various studies have indeed proved that size does matter but not in the way how many men perceive it to be. While many men carry themselves with pride because of the size of their junk but is it true that larger size correlates to better sexual satisfaction than a smaller counterpart? The answer, in a plain and simple word, is NO!

never focus on penis size

Scientific study on penis size and sexual satisfaction

Penis length is something the menfolk have fretted over since time is eternal, but in reality, most women do not care. In fact, our ladies are more inclined towards the shape of the penis and its overall attractiveness taking into consideration the skin in the pubic area and appearance of pubic hair. The skin surrounding the genital area and girth of the penis are also important factors according to the opinion of few women who took part in the poll.

Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit of ASAPScience videos decided to end the penis size debate once and for all by using various statistical data, history, and evolutionary patterns. Taking evolutionary history in consideration, it was found that women most likely developed an interest in the shape of a penis and size similar to how a female peacock would choose a male having stunning feathers. Since we’re talking about shape and size, where does the penile length come in?

Scientifically speaking, the length of one’s penis may play a crucial role in sexual intercourse when releasing sperm inside of the vagina. The deeper the penis is able to penetrate; the better would be the semen displacement ensuring that the gene of the male gets passed on. In 2012, the study found that some women experience more vaginal orgasms when having intercourse, which suggests that longer size can stimulate the cervix.

Is bigger always better?

In 2013, a study was conducted where women were asked to rate male attractiveness based on generated images of different body types and their penis size. Most of the women said that dollar and fitter men were much more desirable than those packing serious length down there. Surprisingly, it was also found that the flaccid penis too plays a role in the perceived attractiveness of men. Female participants’ attraction towards the males diminished drastically when viewing flaccid penises larger than 7.5 cm.

So, in conclusion, it can be said that women find penis more attractive when it is in proportion to the male body. ASAPScience says that “the person attached to the penis makes a difference.” An enjoyable personality, confidence, sense of humor, and charm are all excellent predictors of sexual gratification and mean much more than disproportionate penis size. So, if you are worried that you may be less than well endowed, relax because you still have a lot of chance to make it up with your personality.

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Setting your expectations right

Most often, the only reason men feel that they lack in size is that they have set their expectations way too high. What is to blame for this? Well, pornography has been able to convince many successfully that it is not fiction but real life. Just because large penises are the standard in porn films do not mean the same should be in real life.

However, expectations were both ways because women also develop wrong expectations for various reasons. Let’s do a quick case study of the leading cases of over expectation in both males and females.

Men: Pornographic material can be a great tool for education and discourse, but only if used correctly (avoid porno addiction). But pornographic content is the absolute worst when someone uses it to set the tone of how our bodies should look like. Even though there is nothing wrong with women who are skinny and have breast implants, they tend to portray that body image as a unilateral norm.

Because porn often plays on our desire for exaggeration and spectacle, porn films always have a way of making size as a fantasy, a highly irritating singular one. Fantasies are great, and this should exist in real life. But the people engaging in fantasies should also be mature enough to realize that it is far from reality.

Women: As far as expectations formed by women are concerned, there are lots and lots of individuals who believe that intercourse is much likely to be better with a person with a massive penis than those who are average or on the smaller end. This is entirely false because the penis is just a tool playing a role in the overall sexual experience and not the sole determinant of satisfaction.

Clear and honest communication, willingness to try out new things in the bedroom, mutual love and affection, respect for boundaries, all come into play when you’re talking about the sexual experience. Women prefer to indulge in foreplay more than men, and this is where individuals with smaller size penises can truly focus on complete satisfaction of their partner.

Problems of having a big penis

Men may like to bring up the size of their members in their discussions with other people, but most of them fail to realize how excruciatingly painful it is for many women to have sex with them. A giant phallus may be a great ride for a complete ego trip for males, but it is also hard to find partners who will be able to handle their equipment. It doesn’t matter if a female has had sex with lots of partners in the past unless she’s used to having intercourse with a man having an enormous sized penis, the chances are that it will hurt a lot.

In conclusion, it can be said that penis size does matter but men who tend to focus too much on it end up sabotaging other aspects of sexual pleasure that they may be naturally good at. So, stop fixating on the size and work on developing your self-esteem and establish proper communication for mutual pleasure.

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penis size and sexual satisfaction

What’s the correlation between penis size and sexual satisfaction

It’s a common misconception among both men and women that bigger always means better when talking about the size of the penis and sexual satisfaction. While size does play its role in sex and overall confidence, the perception that they may be lacking in size can cause a significant amount of anxiety and prevent both partners from enjoying the experience. There is no denying the fact that there are women who prefer men who are large -sized, but the fact of the matter is the length of the penis is not the key to sexual satisfaction.

penis size and sexual satisfaction

What do women like best?

For an overwhelmingly large population of women, the clitoris plays a key role in achieving an orgasm. The area around the vaginal opening and just inside are full of nerve endings, which can also be a great spot for external stimulation. As a result, it can be said that grinding during intercourse and other stimulation such as hand or oral can also provide equally satisfying experience, if not more than the penetration. Women who enjoy the G-spot being stimulated, also tend to like shallow stimulation.

On the contrary, women find men with the “bigger is better” attitude to be arrogant and inconsiderate of their desires and pleasures. Large penises may become uncomfortable in case of vaginal or anal sex if both the partners are not careful and sensitive to each other’s needs.

Female physiology and size of the penis

A woman’s vagina has the capability to stretch and contract to a penis insertion, which is an evolutionary response to create attention for the penis during intercourse and release of the semen consequently. Since the vagina has properties of elasticity, it can accommodate a broad range of penis sizes depending upon the extent of natural lubrication. Sometimes extra preparation is necessary despite the vaginal arousal for it to accommodate a large sized penis.

The Bartholin’s glands provide lubrication when the woman is aroused, making the vagina and even more adapted organ that is suitable for diverse purposes like sexual penetration, conceiving a child, and serving as the canal for birth. According to the majority of women, and they can only feel the first few inches of the penis near the vaginal opening because the nerve endings remain the same despite a stretch happening.

Correlation between penis size and sexual satisfaction

Vaginal sex: The subject of sexual satisfaction is intimate and widely varying from one person to another. When it comes to vaginal penetration, recent studies have shown that moderately sized businesses have greater advantages than the ones that are extremely large. Adventurous women prefer average length as it allows them to experiment with a variety of sex positions, which would otherwise not be possible in case of below average or above average sized penises.

Oral sex: Many women enjoy oral sex and like giving their partners blowjobs. The average sized penis wins in this case as well because a wider penis is less likely to fit in their mouth. The broader sized penis may even be the cause of injury, which may convince many women do not try it later on. According to a survey, it was found that 40% of women get turned on by giving oral sex while 10% feel it is gross; 5% of women feel bad about themselves after giving a blowjob.

Anal sex: Even though there are no reliable statistics to back up the claim, it is said that at least 1/20 women prefer anal sex to vaginal sex because they can orgasm better that way. In case of anal sex, size mainly plays a role because the anus does not stretch as easily as the vagina. So, it is quite safe to imagine that females would prefer a male with a smaller penis for their own safety as a large member may be unable to fit inside painlessly and safely.

Female sexual satisfaction and penis size

The size of a man’s penis is more of a psychological factor rather than physical when it comes to sex. Psychologically, a larger sized penis is often correlated with better masculinity and therefore is a desirable mate. A man who is confident about the size of his member is more likely to show confidence in himself and better connect physically and emotionally with a woman. However, it’s important to note that confidence is sexy, not arrogance.

According to women, many make the mistake of thinking that the size of the penis alone is enough to pleasure them sexually. In reality, emotional connectedness and variety in the bedroom are the ones that are really a ‘Turn On’.

Problem with larger sized men

It is crucial for men to remember that penis size is not the only aspect that matters regarding sexual satisfaction. Women often complain that bigger men are terrible in bed because they do not recognize the complexities of female sexuality. Sex is something that’s not just physical; it also involves emotions even in case of a casual affair. Regardless of your size, you can master the art of pleasing by open communication and willingness to learn. You can read more about how big women want your penis to be here.

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