Male Edge Review 2015

Male Edge review score:
  • Efficiency - 10/10
  • Build quality - 6/10
  • Support - 9/10
  • Price - 10/10

Review Summary

The Male Edge extender is the successor of the successful Jes Extender that was the first penis extender (over 15 years ago). Male Edge has some very smart features that are way better than most traditional extenders, but there is a small drawback and thats the build quality! Most penis extenders are made from steal, but Male Edge is made from plastic (strong plastic, but still weaker than metal).
Spare parts are avalible if you should be unlucky and break a part of the device.
This extender would have made the top 3 list if the build quality had been better! It's still a good extender, it's even cheaper than most other penis extender products.
Results after 6 months:

  • Up to 28% longer penis
  • Up to 19% thicker penis
  • Corrects up to 90% penis curvature
  • Stronger erections

I personally recommend Male Edge Penis Extender
Male Edge review 2015

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User Rating: 4.2 (18 votes)

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Written by Austin 10-06-2015

When it comes to improving the penis size, there are a lot of options and methods available aside from the invasive surgical procedures that are usually expensive and unsafe. There’s a cheaper alternative available in the market, but is considered to be as effective as well– the Male Edge penis extender.

What is Male Edge?

Unlike most penis enhancement products available being advertised online, this one is not a mixture of drugs or ingredients that could enhance your penis size. It’s an ‘exercise’ device that stretches the penis. This causes the cells to divide and multiply, resulting in an improvement in size. Basically, the effects are similar to what you can experience when exercising the mainstream muscles.

Although most male enhancement devices available in the market are considered to be ineffective and somewhat unsafe, the Male Edge has been supported by scientific studies. That being said, as soon as you attach this male enhancement device to your shaft, you’ll have the assurance that your penis will slowly grow and get bigger without worrying about any physical damage at all.

The Male Edge is very easy to use and its discreet nature gives you the privilege of wearing the device even when you’re outside or at work. In other words, you can ‘exercise’ your penis even when attending business meetings!

The results you can get from using this device is quite remarkable. Some users have experienced a growth of 3 inches! It also comes with an instructional DVD that will guide you all throughout the process, so you’ll only experience the positive results in no time.

How Male Edge Works?

Just like any other penis enhancement device, the Male Edge uses traction. Just like what has been mentioned earlier, you can compare the effects of this device to what you can expect in the standard building process. You have to visit the gym, work those arms, and you’ll slowly start to enjoy the results. The Male Edge follows a similar formula, wherein the device will put a mild amount of tension on your cells until they’re gradually broken down and ready to multiply.

Get more details on how Male Edge works in the video below:

The best thing about this product is that you don’t have to worry about the negative side effects that might occur. Moreover, since the penis isn’t a muscle, even when you stop using the device, the results you have achieved will be permanent.


Just take a look at the Male Edge penis extender and you’ll notice that it’s quite different from other traction devices available.

Aside from being more stylish, it’s also more functional as well. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy while using this device.

  • Convenience – Putting the Male Edge penis extender is quite easy, you just have to fit the penis in the front piece then to the elongation rods. Then, just like any other traction device, you just need to adjust the pressure depending on how much can handle. Just like with anything else, practice makes perfect, and all you have to do is get used to how you’ll put this device.
  • Easy to Extend – Extending this penis enlargement device doesn’t require a lot of effort at all. Just rotate the rods clockwise and pull the rods outward to your preferred length.
  • Amount of Pressure – The Male Edge gives the user full control of the amount of pressure that can be applied. For instance, you can choose from three different settings, such as 2.800, 2.000, and 1.200 grams. With traditional extenders, there’s only one amount of pressure that’s usually around 1.500 grams.
  • Fits all Sizes – This device is suitable for all penis sizes– no matter how big or how small a penis is. The 2-way front piece should be turned around if the penis is below/over 5 inches.

Other Benefits You Can Enjoy:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • High-quality device
  • Made by a trusted manufacturer
  • Comes with a travel bag, that’s why it’s perfect for those who needs to go out a lot.
  • Also comes with a ruler, allowing the user to measure his progress.
  • 1 year warranty


The truth is, we can’t think of any downsides in this penis extender device. Overall, it’s a good device that’s comfortable to wear unlike other penis traction device available in the market.

The only con from using this device is that it doesn’t really offer a directional traction option for the user. However, the number of benefits you can get from using this device will definitely make up for that. The benefits include ease of use, directional traction, and comfort.

Male Edge Results

What about the results? A lot who has tried this device have asserted that the Male Edge penis extender works remarkably well.

After wearing this extender for two weeks, you’ll notice that your penis looks bigger even when flaccid, and more so when erect. Aside from that, there’s no need to use other aggressive techniques just to enhance your penis size. All you have to do is allow the Male Edge to work for at least 3 hours a day, and use it everyday.

Although this isn’t really a miracle gadget that will give you the results you’re aiming for over night, you’ll begin to enjoy positive results that are permanent after a month or so.

maleedge penis extender results

To support that, other users have reported a 28% increase in their penis size and a 19% increase in their girth. These gains are permanent, considered the fact that it’s a natural method of enhancement.

As for those who are diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, it has been said that the Male Edge extender could also decrease the amount of curvature by 50-90%.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, the Male Edge extender has a lot of remarkable features that you can enjoy, making it better than the other traction devices available in the market.

Those who have tried this device have claimed it to be their favorite, and not just that; it’s also available in 3 different versions– the basic, pro, and extra.

For those who are interested in trying this product, we suggest the Male Edge Pro. The price doesn’t differ that much from the basic, but it has more accessories that you can use, such as extra production pads, extra rubber straps, and so on.

I personally recommend MaleEdge penis extender

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