Good Pumps To Get Harder and Bigger Erections

best penis pumps of all times

If you are searching for a penis pump to get bigger, stronger and longer erection then you have reached at right place. This write-up will introduce you with various types of popular devices used for this purpose and their working so that you can choose the best one for you. The availability of various options in the market makes it difficult to choose the right device for you unless you have some basic information about them.

Choosing the right pump for you

You will have to be a bit tricky while choosing the best penis pump for you. Brief information about 3 top best pumps is provided hereunder to know how they can help you in getting bigger and stronger erections.

Penomet pump

This penis pump has won 2 awards of the penis enlargement industry in 2013 in the Best New Product category which made it one of the most popular devices used for this purpose due to its best performance. According to its users you can get bigger penis within 15 days as it works really fast on it. This pump is also known as hydro pump as it creates pressure to enlarge your penis by using water instead of air. Though this pump is based on new technique but it has proven its effectiveness by showing better performance than traditional air pressure pumps.

Hydromax X-series

This is the second most popular penis pump which, in fact, includes a series of pumps instead of a single pump to increase the size of your penis variably by increasing the pressure as per your requirement. Though these pumps work like Penomet pump but they are placed on the second position due to their inferior quality than it. But still it is one of the popular devices used for enhancing erections as you can use it as per the size of your penis. For instance Hydromax X20 will be suitable for you if the size of your penis is less than 4 inches or 10 cm.

Bathmate pump

The first pump that used water instead of air to create pressure on your penis to hone it is Bathmate penis pump. But even being an effective pump it has been placed on third position due to lack of improvement in its design and performance since many years. Availability of various online guides and reasonable price are the main features which made it a popular pump even today, in the presence of various advanced pumps.

More information about the 3 pumps can be found in the top 3 best penis pumps.

Why are water pumps better?

The water based penis pumps are considered to be better than air based pumps because they are a bit more effective as well as easier to use as compared to the later ones. Though water based pumps are a bit costlier but still they are popular among users as they are more effective and safer than the air pumps.

In fact, water helps in eliminating the air compression and expands the penis by drawing blood into the pockets created to give it excessive enlargement. Moreover air pumps can trigger the conditions like Peyronies disease etc. as well as bruising but with water pumps no such condition is observed.

How does a penis pump work?

The vacuum created by the penis pumps helps in sucking blood from your body and forces it into your penis to push its skin and bone like a raging boner to enhance its size. The flow of blood into the penis increases as its tissues expand by regular use of these pumps. Men, including people suffering from ED issues, can retain larger and harder erection up to 30 minutes or more by slipping on a restriction ring after getting complete erection. Though, after completing the process you may find that your erection a bit unnatural but you need not worry as it is a normal condition. Your penis may look discoloured due to increase of blood flow into it.

Eligibility for using penis pump

According to various researches it has been proved that the people who are unable to achieve proper erections and want to have harder and bigger erections can use these penis pumps for this purpose. They usually suggest using water based pumps than air pumps as the former are safer and more effective than the later ones. You can be a happier guy if you are able to locate a suitable hydro pump for you as you can achieve the best results by using them at any quiet and lonely place like your bathroom just at least for 15 minutes daily.

Reasons to use a penis pump

A weaker erection is one of the main reasons for which you should use a penis pump to enhance its size and hardness. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and fed up of using ED pills and their side effects then the water based pumps can be the right and effective option for you. The moisture created in these pumps provides maximum vacuum in them essentially required to get safe and effective results in enhancing your erectile. The amount of vacuum in the pump can be controlled by regulating water so that it can be used safely to increase the pressure of blood from your body into the penis to increase its size and strength. You can use any of the hydro pumps discussed in this write-up even if you have tried various other treatments to treat your weak erection because they are less risky, effective, easy, safe and cheaper than any other option including medications, injections or surgery.

Using a penis pump

A penis pump can be used in a stepwise manner as under:

Place its plastic tube on your penis. Attach the pump to create a vacuum inside of the tube to pull in blood into your penis. Slip on the rubber constriction ring near the base of your penis after forming erection to retain blood inside the penis for longer erection. Thus you can be ready for action in just few minutes after removing the device

Expectations after using a penis pump

The guys with smaller penis than average size can expect noticeably better and permanent results by using any of these hydro penis pumps regularly for few months as they are safe and effective than any other options.