Bathmate Penis Pump Ultimate Review – 100% Safe, Effective and Cheaper


bathmate box reviewAre you having problems in your relationship due to penis size? Is your self-esteem diminished each time you take a look at your penis girth? Are you ready to enlarge your penis size today at an affordable price? Well, it’s your lucky day! By using Bathmate penis pump, you will notice an increase in penis width, strength and length.

Most users continue to use this device for years even after they have achieved their desired penile size. Why? They have found that the longer you use the device, the more the benefits. Unfortunately, there are many scams all over the internet which claim to sell this product. This is why you need to go through a Bathmate penis pump review before making any orders.

Brief Bathmate Penis Pump Overview

Just as its name suggest, Bathmate is a penis enlargement pump which works best in water – either during a shower or a bath. It can also be used in absence of water but it won’t be very effective. This was the first penile enlargement pump to be used under water.

This product is manufactured by a reputable UK company known as UM Products and has been around for several years now. Due to its positive reviews from many users, Bathmate penile enlargement pump has set a high par to its competitors.

How does it work?

A man’s penis has three main chambers – a smaller chamber at the bottom (for urination and ejaculation) and two large chambers at the top for erection purposes. Each time you get an erection, a hormone is released by the brain which facilitates blood to fill the top chambers which results in an erection.

This penis enlargement pump is designed in such a way that it allows maximum expansion while minimizing compression force. This boosts maximum growth and minimum discomfort. While using it, you must first fill it with water and pump it to 2-3 more times.

This pumping creates a vacuum which results in suction around the penis hence drawing blood into the erectile tissues. Using this device once every 24-48 hours will results in a permanent expansion of the blood vessels. This translates into two things – bigger penis and stronger erections.

The best thing about Bathmate penis pump is that it’s safe, comfy and painless.

What makes Bathmate better than the rest?

Instant Results

Just by putting on Bathmate for about 10 minutes with a full erection, you will notice an increase in your penis size. Your girth will increase by 0.5-1.25 inches while the length gains 0.25-0.5 inches. These effects will last for approximately 6-12 hours after which your penis will return to its normal size.

Permanent Results

By using Bathmate frequently, you will transform the temporary effects into permanent effects. It’s just like going to the gym, the more you pump the weights, the bigger your muscles get.

Easily maintainable gains

You don’t have to use Bathmate for extended periods of time. You only need to use it a few times per week for 10-12 minutes. This is enough to maintain gains.

Very safe

If you follow all the instructions correctly, you don’t have to worry about any harm or accidents. This makes Bathmate pump the best for newbies rather than air pumps.

Advantages of which come with Bathmate Pumps

  • No maintenance costs.
  • Simple design.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Uses water which makes it safer and more efficient in comparison to air-based pumps.
  • Its unique valve system allows water to be pumped in stages.
  • Enhances growth of entire penis length and girth.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty.

How Bathmate differs from Air Pumps.

Both pumps use the same principle to operate – pump out water/air to create a vacuum. However, air pumps are somehow risky in that they can lead to uneven suction which causes discomfort and injuries.

On the other hand, water is incompressible hence it will act as a cushion when your penis expands to fill the void. This protects your penis from bending or bulging unnaturally.

What are others saying about Bathmate?

The device has received many positive reviews in the internet. In fact, most men have claimed to notice gains in both length and girth. However, the time taken to notice these gains will vary from one user to the next.


Bathmate penis pump is one of the greatest inventions for your penis. It’s better and cheaper than other enlargement options such as surgery or pills. This device can also come in handy when treating erectile dysfunction. When making your order, buy from only legit suppliers.