hydromax pump review

bathmate hydromax x series review with box largeAre you a man and you are worried about your performance in bed? Or are a woman who wants to improve his man’s performance in bed? In this s article, we are going to help you sort out this issue.

If you want to enlarge your penis, you need to use the hydromax penis pump. The pump is designed in a way that it increases the length and girth of the penis. It also helps in producing stronger erections and even more sensitivity after use. Derived from the name, the hydromax pump uses water to create and maintain a vacuum in the penis.

The tube measures 7.5 inches in circumference around the base. It narrows slightly as you move to the top of the tube. The total length of the tube is 10 inches. You may purchase the hydromax pump according to the color you like. They come in three different colors. These are colorless, red and blue. The vacuum in the hydromax pump is controlled by the use of a simple valve system. It controls the water flow and pressure in the tube.

How the hydromax pump works.

You should switch the grey valve button to closed position first. The button may be a little bit stiff.

After switching the valve button, you should fill the pump with warm water.

Insert the penis into the pup and ensure that your testicles are out of the pump. You may gently pull them down to make sure they are not sucked in.

After inserting the penis, push the pump towards the pelvis. By doing this you will notice a jet of water shooting from the end of the pump.

After this, the pressure will cause the penis to enlarge. You should repeat the process till you obtain the size that you want.


The hydromax pump is already tested and proven to be working perfectly.

Advantage for using water in this pump is that it provides a stronger seal compared to air pumps. Also leaks are less likely.

Cleaning the hydromax pump is easy because you only need soapy water and a sponge.

When you buy the hydromax pump, it comes with an instruction manual to ensure that you use the product and it does not harm you.

By using this pump, you will get very good results and you will not regret ever purchasing it.