Looking To Enlarge The Size of Your Penis? Bathmate is Definitely the Right Product For You

Bathmate is an excellent new penis enlargement pump that is guaranteed to give you the results you require. Bathmate is however different from your traditional penis pump. To start off, one needs to use it while taking a shower or a bath which is obvious. When it comes to the growth of one’s penis, most penis enlargement pumps are very unsafe as they can end up giving users serious blisters or even rupturing blood vessels. However Bathmate has been especially made to be extra careful when dealing with a user’s penis ensuring that it does its job without causing any damage whatsoever to the penis itself.

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How Bathmate Works?

It works by making a vacuum which expands the tissue of a penis. Constant use and enough recovery time between sessions (normally 24 hours minimum and 48 hours maximum recovery time) will make the tissue expand permanently hence making your penis to gradually get wider and longer. This expansion of the penis’ tissue will also make more blood to enter the penis thus giving harder and firmer erections.
After using it on a full erection, users will begin to see some temporary gains which normally range between 0.25 and 0.75 inches in length and 0.5 to 1.25 in girth. The gains can stay for about 4 – 24 hours even during sexual intercourse and even after an election is lost. With constant use, the gains tend to become permanent and there is also an improvement in erection strength.

Why Use Bathmate?

Instant changes. After wearing Bathmate in the shower with a full erection for a few minutes, your penis will grow in length and girth. The growth will last for about 6-12 hours, then the penis will go back to its usual size. Having sexual intercourse after using Bathmate is particularly great and refreshing.
Safe. Unlike most penis enlarging pumps, Bathmate is a water pump and is fully safe to use if directions are followed properly. It is very suitable for new users as it will be more comfortable and more easy to use than an air pump. Many users who have used or are currently using it haven’t faced any problems yet.
Gains are easy to maintain. If you are no able to use Bathmate constantly for a long period of time, you can use it two times a week for about 10 to 12 minutes and this will be enough to maintain gains.

Is Bathmate Worth It?

Short answer is yes. Increasing you penis size will not only help you gain confidence, but also improve your sex drive and performance and using it just before sexual intercourse will not only be pleasing to yourself, but also pleasing to your partner as well. Pumping will also help greatly with your libido and during sexual intercourse; you will tend to feel more stimulated, aroused, and have confidence in your performance. Pumping can also deal with problems like erectile dysfunction hence eliminating the need to use pills which may cause harmful side effects.


If you are looking to enlarge your penis safely and are also willing to put the extra effort required to do so, then Bathmate is definitely the right product for you. It is cheap and available in most online and retail shops and also had the extra benefit of coming with a money back guarantee. Increasing the size has now become easy and fun, thanks to this fantastic new product.