An In-Depth Review of the Penomet Penis Pump

The Penomet penis pump is made up of; 

  • Penomet cylinder- this is the main component that holds the penis and water
  • Pressure gaiters- are attached to the cylinder and are available in 5 different types. This 5 interchangeable gaiters that have different colors have different pressure forces that will allow you to gradually increase pressure on your penis which will in turn facilitate gradual penis size increase. It is however recommended to begin by using the lowest gaiter in terms of pressure force and work your way up.
  • Comfort strap- holds the Penomet pump and makes it comfortable for the user to use it while bathing
  • Gum oil shine- is a foam disinfectant which allows you to clean the pump after using at each stage.

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How Penomet Works

Penomet is best used during shower time. Once you have the pump, all you simply do is to attach the lower pressure gaiter to the cylinder. Fill the cylinder with water and insert your penis in the cylinder. Make sure the gaiter is pressed against your groins and begin to slowly pump the cylinder so as to expel any air trapped inside the water.

This will create a pressure vacuum and your penis will start getting erect as it will get an increased blood flow due to the vacuum being created in the cylinder. .Continued increase in blood flow to your penis will force your penis tissues to expand gradually so as to accommodate this flow. To relive pressure, just press the valve on the cylinder.

For effective results, it is advisable to use the pump for 15 minutes daily during the first two weeks and then a few times on subsequent weeks to maintain the new penis length and girth.

Advantages of Using Penomet Penis Pump

Utilizes water

The use of water makes the Penomet penis pump a very effective and efficient method to increase your penis as water will ensure a consistent and even pressure on the penis making it comfortable and safe. With water, your penis will have a gradual and even increase in length and girth thus minimizing instances of curved penises.


Effective Way to Increase Your Penis Size

With the Penomet penis pump, you will be guaranteed to increase your penis size and girth in just a few weeks. According to scientific studies and customer feedback, most men using this pump have experienced a 30% penis increase. Having an increased penis size will greatly improve your bedroom capabilities and greatly improve your relationship.

Easy to use

The Penomet pump is easy to use as all you do is slide it over your shaft and begin pumping back and forth to increase the pressure. After pumping, all you do is leave it in place for 15 minutes to enable the tissues to expand. The Penomet pump also comes with an easy to follow and understand guide that makes it possible for anyone to use it effectively.

Safe to use

The Penomet penis pump guarantees 100% safety as it has undergone numerous tests before it became available on the market. All its components have also been designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety so as to make the user confident while using it.


This pump is very effective and that is why there is a 60 day money back guarantee. This makes it even better for doubters to try it out as they have nothing to lose because they will be fully refunded in the event they do not increase their penis sizes. Additionally, Penomet pump producers are the first to offer a lifetime replacement warrant y on the device. This is to tell you that the producers are sure the pump will last a lifetime.

Where to Buy the Penomet Pump

The Penomet pump is very cost effective as one can purchase it from $127. The best place to buy the Penomet pump is at its official website.

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