Finding the Best Penis Extender

Finding the Best Penis Extender

You’ve probably read all about how great penis extenders are, and all the benefits of using a stretcher. So now that you’ve decided to get one, the decision making should be easy. Sorry, it isn’t that simple.

When there is a method to something, anything that actually works- people will look for every way to duplicate it and try to get in on the market. This means the marketplace is flooded with penis extenders of different styles and qualities. From cheap knock-offs of higher quality stretchers to outright dangerous designs, it can be a risky endeavor.

There are some things that you can keep in mind when shopping, which will help you choose a safe and reliable penis extender that delivers. Take a look at this penis stretcher review site for more information.


This should be obvious. To see real results, you have to wear the extender as directed. This means daily use for several hours over the course of weeks or months. So, comfort should be a huge consideration. Comfort is my main focus when I review penis extenders – Thats why all the extenders in the top 3 list have some sort of comfort system to make your penis enlargement journey more comfortable.

Design – Noose and Strap

noose or strap penis extenders

The noose design is what it sounds like, a thin piece of material that goes around your penis to connect. It is the noose, where the tension is applied to the penis.

The strap design uses wide straps, even Velo ones, that go around the penis- again acting as the tension anchor. You can think of it like this, do you want to lift something with a rope around it, or a length of fishing line?

The smaller noose has almost no surface area, putting pressure and abrasion on one small area of your penis. Straps make the process more comfortable by distributing the tension across a wider area. This causes less irritation and more comfort, which means you’ll actually wear it.

A few extenders offer a whole now kind of design that should be very comfortable, one of them is called Phallosan Forte extender.

The Best Penis Extender

One size does NOT fit all. It is important, not only for comfort but for results, that you can properly fit your extender to your penis. Cheap knock-offs typically offer few or no options when it comes to this, you just have to hope for the best. Modern extenders offer more than 50 ways to assemble, fit and wear them.

Now, you can custom-fit your stretcher to whatever works best for you. This includes different fixation points for attaching the hardware, to the actual straps (or noose). For some models it can mean using noose, strap or velo fixation, or a hybrid system that switches between noose and strap. The point is, it should be customizable to you.

You care about your penis, or you wouldn’t be looking for ways to enhance it. So don’t take it lightly when it comes to purchasing a penis extender.

If you want results you need the right stretcher; do some research and remember that comfort, fit and design are the keys to buying a proper traction device. Safety, quality and ease of use should always be first on your mind.


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