How to correct penis curvature

Penis curvature has emerged as a very common problem haunting 1000’s of men across the globe, but there are solutions.

15% of all men have a curved penis

It can be a cause of distress and uncomforting, especially if the curvature goes beyond a limit that is considered normal (all above 10 degrees is considered straight read more here). Usually, an erect penis tends to have a slight curvature towards one side, and that is perfectly normal.

However, the problem arises when this curvature is way too pronounced leading to a very uncomfortable erection. Besides looking aesthetically undesirable, it can cause a whole bunch of other sexual problems, including infertility and erectile dysfunction.

This condition is most commonly caused due to the presence of scar tissue on the sides or below the penis which ultimately leads to a curved penis. Another cause of a curved penis is a disease called Peyronie’s Disease where a plaque of scar tissue on the outer lining of the penis causes it to bend.

peyronies penis

A curved penis beyond normal limits can cause a lot of emotional as well as physical distress, but it is not untreatable. There are several techniques and medical procedures than can help in correcting this condition. In this article, we will take a look at the problems that can be caused due to a curved penis and talk about at the ways it can be corrected naturally.

Problems Caused due to a Curved Penis

An unnatural curvature in the penis can cause a whole lot of sexual health issues, but they all boil down to one of the four basic problems:

problems with curved penis

  1. A loss of interest in sex that stems out of embarrassment or anxiety regarding the reaction of your partner to your condition. This is one of the most common issues faced by men with Peyronie’s Disease and can be the cause of a great deal of emotional distress for them. Fear or anxiety regarding the inability to please your partner sexually can lead to a diminished desire for sex.
  2. Painful sex for one or both partners caused due to the unnatural curvature of the penis. When the curvature of the penis is very pronounced, it can lead to very painful sex and sometimes even hinder you from having sex at all.
  3. Infertility due to the inability to inserting the penis into the woman’s vagina.
  4. Inability to have proper erections due to the curvature that causes bending and buckling of the penis. Peyronie’s is often accompanied by painful erections that are caused due to the formation of scar tissues on the lining of the penis.

Ways to Correct Penis Curvature

While a majority of the cases of curved penis call for medical attention to address the issue completely, many of the milder ones can be fixed with the help of some very simple techniques.

If the penis tissues are short or inelastic on any part of the penis, it will cause the penis to bend in that direction. Thus, to fix a bent penis, all we need to do is equal out the length of the penis tissue all the way around the penis. Let’s take a look at few of the methods to achieve that:

1. Penile Stretching Exercises

There are several types of stretching exercises that you can perform to fix the curvature of your penis by a large extent. This method works best if you have a mild bend and can even cure you of the condition entirely. However, this method takes patience, and it can be a while before you start noticing any visible changes.

The exercises themselves are quite simple, requiring you to stretch your penis in a certain way and apply pressure in certain areas. However, you do need to be very regular with these exercises which, when done properly, can be as effective as some of the medical treatments.

You can find a list of penis exercises here, I recommend Jelqing and penis stretching.

2. Medications

Consulting a doctor (make sure your doctore is certified – check it here) is probably the best thing you can do if you are faced a more than mildly curved penis (above 30 degree bent). Doctors will present you with a few different treatment options, depending on the severity of your condition, one of which is the using certain medications.

Some of the most popular oral medications prescribed for the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease include Colchicine, Tamoxifen, and Potaba. Apart for these, the doctors may also prescribe tropical gels like Verapamil which can be highly effective in the treatment of this disease. Vitamin E supplements have also been proven to help people with this condition to a certain degree.

medication curved penis

You also have the option of taking certain injections containing medicines like collagenase and steroids at the site of the curvature to help mend the condition. However, these injections do come along with a large list of unwanted side effects that could often do more harm than good. These injections also cost a lot and are simply not worth the risk.

3. Surgery

Surgery is probably the best form of treatment that you can go for to treat Peyronie’s Disease. However, the surgery must be done by a qualified surgeon who has some experience in this field because surgery is associated with some serious risks that can even be life-threatening.

Although risky, surgery can completely cure you of this condition if everything goes right and is only recommended to those who have a very severe form of the disease. It is recommended to treat surgery as a last resort as it comes with the risk of several complications such as impotence, loss of sensation, erectile dysfunction, and scarring.

surgery penis can help with a curved penis

4. Herbal Oil Massage

The best natural way of treating a curved penis, especially if it is relatively mild, is Herbal massaging oils. There are plenty of such oils available in the market which include chamomile, lavender oil, etc. which can go a long way in fixing this condition completely.

5. Penile Traction Therapy

This is a highly effective treatment option for curing Peyronie’s Disease and involves the use of penis extenders in a way which eventually straightens out the penis.

It is a relatively safe and trusted method that is being used widely for the treatment of a curved penis. There are plenty of traction devices that are available in the market that can help you get rid of this condition forever, provided it’s done as per the guidelines issued by professionals. I made a review of such a device earlier this year, you can find the review here.

It should be the first option you go to before you start on any medication or surgery.