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Vimax was introduced to en male enhancement market in 2001 and has since then helped over 1.000.000 men with erection problems and premature ejaculation. The pill is still among the best in the world right now and with only a couple of pills that perform better. One of the pills that has passed Vimax in terms of effectiveness is called VigRX Plus, they are a bit more expensice than Vimax pills but they are worth the extra cost.
Results after 6 months:

  • Longer lasting erections
  • Stronger and much harder erections
  • Control when you cum
  • Up to 20% thicker penis (Follow the penis enlargement program to get that result)
  • Up to 25% longer penis during erection (Follow the penis enlargement program to get that result)

I recommend Vimax pills if you want to get rid of erection problems and premature ejaculations
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by Austin St. 09-08-2015

Experts and psychologists say that 79% of sexually active men have to contend with a variety of ‘bedroom’ problems ranging from erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation. So, with such an overwhelming number of men reeling from the inadequacies of their sexual performance, it is not surprising that products claiming to be the ultimate panacea to this age-old problem have cropped up every left, right, and center. Unfortunately, most of them are nothing more than hogwash and well-cooked scams. But what about Vimax? Does it live up to its word or is it still a letdown too? Let’s have a look at that in this comprehensive, factual and unbiased Vimax review.

Why Vimax stands out and stands tall

vimax safetyIt is no secret that the male sexual health industry has borne the brunt of mediocre concoctions and prescriptions alleging to be the latest and the best enhancers and male revitalizers. However, in the real sense, these pills and herbal creams are usually no better than mythical aphrodisiacs that have little or no benefit in increasing one’s member size. Nonetheless, Vimax veers off this well-beaten and trodden path and set’s extraordinarily high standards, in an industry otherwise crowded with poor perfomers. And why do I say this?

For starters, you don’t have to take three Vimax pills per day like other ‘enhancers’ out there to see considerable improvements. With Vimax, a single highly potent and powerful pill per day is just as sufficient.

Secondly, Vimax pills integrate some of the most powerful ingredients that are already a part of the popular PillsExpert drive campaign. This includes the likes of Saw Palmetto Powder and Dodder Seed, both of which are unique to Vimax. In other words, this means that the new and improved Vimax is designed to help patients increase the size and girth of their members within the shortest timeframe possible.

Third on the list, Vimax is endorsed by a well-known MD- Dr. Mario Dumistraku. This only goes to show that these pills have passed all tests of excellence and competence required in the penile enlargement market. Besides, not only has this enabled the pills to garner the top position in this industry, but it has also helped to secure the trust and confidence of many customers.

Fourthly, unlike other penis enlargement pills that rely on overrated herbal ingredients, Vimax goes a step further and brings to the table powerful and ultrapotent trademarked ingredients.

Is there more to that?

Accompanying the high performance from these pills is a suite of money-back guarantees and the best bonuses you will find anywhere today. Additionally, while the Penis Exercise Lite Program is strong enough on it’s own to deliver the results that most men hanker after, the added value by the ProSolution formula is what really sets it apart from other rival remedies. So, this means that not only are you assured of an unparalleled 6-month money back guarantee, but also of a 98% success rate in one way or another. Therefore, should you feel that your sex life needs a little boost, then there is virtually no risk of trying this- financially or health wise.

Vimax Review By Current and Past Customers.

vimax testimonialsAs you’ve already guessed it, it took only a few months for Vimax to rake up a multitude of reviews from numerous patients with a diverse medical history. And several years after it was launched, Vimax continues to change the lives of thousands upon thousands of men across the globe. In fact, if you read each of the genuine Vimax reviews left by past customers, you’re likely to note that over 95% of them reveal the positive part of this product.

And Vimax users are not only astounded by the bigger and powerful erections that they are now capable of, but by also the following.

  • Longer and wider penis– Most customers reported that they noted a significant increase in the length and width of their members as soon as they started popping these pills.
  • Enhanced and intense orgasms– After enrolling for the Vimax ProSolution program and taking a pill per day, a majority of users reported that they were then able to enjoy back-to-back multiple intense orgasms.
  • Ejaculatory control– As a man, X-rated videos have led us to believe that it is possible for one to have sex continuously for hours without faltering or tiring. However, most of the time, this is usually no more than a mythical misconception. However, with Vimax, you can now boost your control by up to four times your natural aptitude!
  • Soaring confidence– There’s no doubt that there’s no greater blow to a man’s ego than a small member or waning virility. Vimax is formulated to correct this through the most efficient and safest ways, and in the process granting you SUPER confidence in bed before any woman, any day.
  • Keeps premature ejaculation at bay– Vimax, through VigRX Plus, ensures that users of these always finish last by packing a host of highly effective and potent ingredients to keep them going for hours.

How do these pills work?

vimax resultsThe secret behind the success of Vimax pills is shrouded with an array of active ingredients incorporated to ensure that the product works like a penis enlargening supplement but with all the subtle traits of an erectile enhancer. Therefore, with this drug, you can expect a fuller, stronger and longer penis and also enjoy ultra-intense and delayed orgasms. And this is mostly because Vimax stimulates an increased blood flow to the penile corpora cavernosa resulting to stronger and longer erections.

To be honest, thrusting such kind of power to any man typically leads to an improved sex life and a soaring manly confidence. And that is one of the major perks of using Vimax.

On the question of improvement of the size and girth of the male member, it’s without a doubt that Vimax has crafted a name for itself in the penis enlargement industry. And 65% of Vimax users are attracted to it due to its ability to efficiently and safely correct the sizes of those of us who are not lucky enough to have naturally massive members.

Now, even before we delve into how Vimax helps users increase their sizes, let’s take a step back and outline how the problem arises in the first place.

Remember that the size of the penis when fully erect is governed by the amount of blood that flows into the erectile chamber. So the bigger this chamber, the more the blood and the stronger and harder the erection. And this is where Vimax comes in. With ingredients sourced from as far as China, The Middle East, and South America, Vimax is formulated to boost the amount of blood that flows into these chambers resulting the harder and bigger natural erections.

Are there any advantages that Vimax has over other typical penis enhancement products?

Money back guarantee:

It is only with Vimax that you’ll be accorded a 67-day money back guarantee for a full refund. It is literally 100% risk-free.

A volley of bonuses:

When was the last time you bought something exemplary only to be showered with additional benefits that make the deal even better? So, for every Vimax penis enhancement purchase you make, you’ll receive free shipping in the USA, a FREE Vimax Volume bottle, a guide to the ultimate Vimax member enlargement exercises and many more freebies…

An improved sex drive:

This will come to the rescue of those of us who are over 45 and are already starting to feel the effects of our advancing age in the name of waning sexual desire levels. But worry not, my brothers. The primary advantage of using Vimax is that you can now enjoy true sexual desire and stamina like you did in your heydays in college and high school. And once again, the improved virility is courtesy of the proven ingredients that the pills pack.

Before-and-after photos and video testimonials:

At the end of the day, no one likes to buy something without some form of assurance that it is going to work.So, in a bid to address this issue, you will be given access to real video testimonials of men who have tried and tested Vimax in the past. Aside from that, after buying the product, you can also look forward to before and after photos of successful Vimax users. So, in case you still question the authenticity of these drugs then these pictures and testimonials will clear your doubts.

Palmetto Saw Powder:

Those of use who have been wondering why Vimax is the best male enhancement product out there, here is your answer. The biopterin in Saw Palmetto Powder allows Vimax pills to function quickly and effectively than other enhancers out there. In fact, Vimax is the only male enhancement product on the market today that packs the goodness of Saw Palmetto Powder.

Are there any disadvantages of using Vimax?

This is not a disadvantage as per se, but in any case, it’s still worth noting.If you’re outside the States, you may have to pay a small fee for your Vimax pills to reach you. However, the shipping charges might vary depending on your choice carrier and locality.

Learn about the Vimax Pills coupon codes and save up to 15%!

As noted earlier, one of the advantages of using Vimax is the regular discounts and rebates that the manufacturer has put in place to make the product affordable even for those us with a shoestring budget.

A typical example is the ongoing Vimax 15% off discount that come in handy to anyone who wants to try this product for the first time without it costing him an arm or a leg.

So, to access the 15% Vimax coupons, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the products official website (
  2. While at it, click on the “Order Now” button at the extreme right corner.
  3. Select the package you wish to purchase.
  4. Drop the coupon code ” DCL3804″ and confirm the savings.

This is just to show that you don’t always have to pay a steep price for a premium product such as Vimax. So, it’s advisable to be on the look out for this and many more Vimax coupons.

How to differentiate quality male enhancement products from the scams.

Lately, there has been a myriad of complaints from a majority of consumers regarding the high number of con artists and scammers who have populated the internet promising heaven but delivering hell. So, if you’re really serious in landing a quality male enhancement product, then you may want to take note of the following useful pointers.

  1. Don’t make the mistake of falling for words that are too good to be true. e.g. a company purporting to help you add 6 inches in 2 weeks! Not only is this absurdly impossible, but it could also lead to dangerous and severe repercussions. Even though it is possible to enlarge your member size, this doesn’t happen overnight and neither is it a matter of popping some magic pills and seeing your penis lengthen in minutes.
  2. Always make sure you read both past customers’ and expert reviews of any product before buying it. A trustworthy, credible and real product will always have a strong positive flare from both the users and the experts. The users will give the general overview from a layman’s point of view while the experts are likely to dig deeper and unearth the hidden facts and myths about any drug in question. Again, be on the lookout for a product with only positive reviews ( they are most likely bots ) or only negative reviews. A healthy balance between the two extremes is one of the true marks of a genuine product.
  3. Steer clear of any product that you come across in your junk mail or spam SMS. Any credible company will never result in such underhand and aggressive advertisement methods to lure potential customers.

The bottom line.

So far, Vimax has passed all the quality tests used for separating the chaff from the wheat. And while at it, Vimax comes with attractive discounts and money-back guarantees that make it very friendly to a first-time user. It is one of the few products that we would strongly advise you to check out. So go ahead, order yours today.

I recommend Vimax pills

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