penomet best penis pump 2015

Penomet pump

Penomet is a new penis pump that has taken the industry by storm! It won 2 award for best new product in the penis enlargement industry in 2013 and everybody is impressed with its performance. And so am I, this is a really fast and easy way to increase your penis size, you can literally see amazing results after 15 of use!

The Penomet is a so called “hydro pump” because it uses water to create under pressure instead of air. This is a new way of making penis pumps, but it has already proved that it’s a lot more effective than traditional penis pumps with air pressure – In fact my entire top 3 list is with hydro pumps.

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hydromax x20 x30 x40

Hydromax X20 X30 X40

The second pump on my top 3 list is not just one pump but a whole series (x20 x30 and x40) of pumps that vary in size and pressure. The Hydromax pumps are just like the Penomet, but the overall build quality is a bit lower and that’s the reason why this series is not on the first spot on the top 3 best penis pump list.

The X-series pumps are all very effective and it has a small advantage over the Penomet, and that is the different sizes. If your penis is very small (under 10cm long (4 inches)) the Hydromax X20 is a perfect choice for you.

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bathmate penis pump 2015

Bathmate pump

This was the first penis pump that used water instead of air in the vacuum chamber and to be hones it is still a very good pump, but it has not been improved for several years now. There are a few things that favorite the Bathmate and that’s the price and the amount of online guides available. It is cheaper then both the X series and the Penomet and since it has been on the marked the longest time there are more guides and user reviews.

I would recommend Bathmate if you are on a budget, otherwise you should go with the X series or the Penomet.

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What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is one of the few penis enlargement devices available in the market nowadays. It’s capable of improving the size of the penis naturally, and it also triggers a stronger, and longer lasting erection.
It’s comprised of a plastic tube that fits over the head of the member, a battery or hand-operated powered pump attached to the tube, and a band that fits snugly around the base of the penis, especially when it’s erect.
Also, a penis pump is sometimes referred to as “vacuum pump,” or “vacuum constriction device.”

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

The penis pump follows the principle of vacuum, wherein pumping can result to sizable gains because of the pressure being exerted. Basically, the member should be placed inside the cylinder as the air is being removed– this triggers a vacuum effect. Also, the suction in the chamber causes the blood to rush into the penis.

So, for those who are in search of ways on how to treat erectile dysfunction, the blood being drawn from the penis will encourage erection, making it ideal for having sex. Also, those who are looking for penis enlargement, the sudden increase in blood flow can cause the tissues to tear and expand.

Just like with any other forms of enlargement methods, these micro-tears will cause a slight over-expansion of all the tissues, resulting in the growth of new cells– this contributes to penis growth.

Why Are Water Pumps Better Than Air Pumps?

Although some men consider the air pump to be better than water pumps, especially for those with micropenis, the water pump is considered to be more helpful, especially in treating erectile dysfunction as well as Peyronie’s disease. The notable features of an air pump are advantageous for a micropenis, mainly because it can be adjusted depending on the natural length of the member. However, other than the less than average size, there aren’t any medical issues that lead to this condition.

For some doctors, they do recommend the use of water pumps as a way to treat erectile dysfunction, because these devices encourage a natural erection that stays for several hours.

So, if a man suffers from erectile dysfunction because of stress, the use of water pump could probably help him relax and release those tensions. Similarly, it’s also a great way to treat Peyronie’s disease, because it has the ability of reducing the pain brought with it. Not just that, considering the fact that it’s not a permanent condition in most cases, the use of a pump can be an ideal way to maintain the length.

That being said, if you’ll compare the regular air pump alongside the water pump, you’ll notice that the water pump is more preferred. Though, the final decision will still depend on one’s medical condition and the reasons why he’s considering the use of a penis pump.

What Does It Do For Me?

Men would probably agree that erectile dysfunction is one of the most common, yet embarrassing problems in one’s life. Then, as you age, the next problem you probably have to deal with would be prostate surgery.

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of oral medications that promise to treat erectile dysfunction, this includes viagra, levitra, cialis, stendra, and so on.

Likewise, there are other erectile dysfunction treatments, such as medications that should be inserted through the tip of the penis, going to the tube inside that carries not only the urine, but the semen as well. The shots will be injected in the penis, and then, penile implants will be surgically placed.

For this, a lot of doctors advise the use of a penis pump, because it’s one of the most effective methods that’s natural and free from any side effects.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider the use of a penis pump:

  • Penis pumps are proven to be effective: Proper usage and practice will help you get the results you’re dreaming of in no time.
  • Penis pumps are affordable: The only cost lies on your initial purchase and that’s about it. No need to pay for anything after.
  • Penis pumps are non-invasive: What makes a penis pump highly preferable is the fact that there’s no need to undergo surgery, nor insert any forms of medication on the top of the member.
  • Penis pumps can be used together with other treatments: You can use this device together with other forms of medication, or even with a penile implant. In fact, some men even use a combination of penis enhancement supplement and penis pump to achieve promising results.
  • Penis pumps can help in regaining erectile dysfunction after some procedures: For instance, using a penis pump could probably help you restore your ability of getting harder naturally, even after a prostate surgery, or the radiation therapy for cancer.

Are They Safe to Use?

As compared to other treatments, penis pumps are considered to be safer. The risk of side effects, as well as other complications is relatively lower as well.

Water pumps are considered to be safer, because the moisture offers an optimal amount of vacuum needed to attain safe results. The water prevents the vacuum from sucking in even further. Thus, instead of sticking the penis into the simulation of outer space with a vacuum pressure, a penis pump will ensure that you stay comfortable all throughout.

How to Use a Penis Pump:

  1. Put your member inside the cylinder
  2. Remove the air from the cylinder using the pump.
  3. See to it that you closely monitor the pressure. Pay attention to psychological indicators to avoid accidents.
  4. Time your pumping sets. For beginners, the maximum would be 15 minutes.
  5. Check the pump’s vacuum level. This should be consistent to ensure that it wouldn’t go beyond the recommended limits.
  6. Release the pressure and let the fresh blood enter your region.

I recommend water based penis pumps!

If you have a small penis, especially if your penis is very thin, then a penis pump is the absolute fastest way to increase your penis girth. You will see some slight improvements in penis length but the majority of gain is girth.

I do personally use a Bathmate water based pump and have been using it on an off for the past few years. I would love to get a Penomet pump or one of the new HydroMax pumps, but the gains will be minimal compared to the Bathmate so I’ll just save my money. I have been very happy with the results so far and I’ll keep using the pump and so should you. Pick a pump in the top 3 and enjoy your bigger penis in just 15 min of use!

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