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The Penomet pump is a relatively new product that was released in 2013 and it has already gained a large market share because of the amazing results this product delivers.
You will see a large increase in penis girth in just 15 min of use and permanent size gains when used regularly.
Using a Penomet pump will get you:

  • Up to 35% thicker penis
  • Up to 25% longer penis
  • Harder and stronger erections
  • Get rid of erectile dysfunction
  • Correct penis curvature

I personally recommend Penomet
Penomet review 2018
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What is a Penomet pump?

The Penomet penis pump is a water based penis pump, developed by Arctic Sea Ltd. Even though it has only been on the market since 2013, it has already won several awards, for best male enhancement product.

Why should I buy a Penomet penis pump?

There are three reasons why you should consider the Penomet penis pump:

  1. You suffer from erectile dysfunction1
  2. You want a larger penis
  3. You have a bent penis2 and want it more straight. (This does however not work if the bent is more than 35°)

Why should I buy a Penomet penis pump

What can the Penomet pump do for me?

You can get strong and hard erections with just five minutes of use – this is ideal if you suffer from erectile dysfunction – just use the pump before having sex, or if you suddenly lose your erection, during sex.

If you use the pump 5-6 days a week (15-20min. each day), you will be able to correct penis curvature and permanently enlarge your penis. It is, however, important to take 1-2 days off during the week to rest your penis.

Penomet results

If you pump 5-6 days a week for 6 months you can get:

  • Up to 35% thicker penis
  • Up to 25% longer penis
  • Harder and stronger erections
  • Reduced erectile dysfunction

If you pump for five min. before having sex you will get:

  • A strong and hard erection

penomet results after a pumping session

How does it work?

Your penis has three chambers – two large chambers, Corpora cavernosa and one smaller chamber, Corpus spongiosum. Corpus spongiosum is used for urination and ejaculation.

how does penomet work?

During an erection, the two chambers is filled with blood. The more blood these chambers contain, the stronger, and longer your penis will be.

The vacuum in the Penomet will force more blood into the two chambers, than normally during an erection. This will expand the chambers, and keep them expanded, during the 15-20 min. you are using the pump.

This expansion will retract within a couple of hours,  after using the pump for the first time. The time it takes to retract will increase, every time you use the pump. After 4-6 months the expansion will stop retracting and the size you have gained will be permanent.

How to use a Penomet pump?

  1. Select the gaiter of your choice, always start with the one with the lowest force! (More about gaiters below)
  2. Fill the pump with warm water, I usually use water a bit warmer than my body. You can leave out this step and use it as an air penis pump (good for the bedroom).how to put water in penomet
  3. Place the pump over your penis, from below, so that the water does not run out.
  4. Press the Penomet towards your body and pump out water. Do this a few times to get a good seal and vacuum.
  5. Pump once every 4-5 min. to maintain a good strong vacuum.
  6. Do this for 15-20 min. and you are done!
  7. Release the pressure by pressing the valve on top of the pump.

vacuum release penomet

What is Penomet gaiters?

Gaiters is a way to adjust how strong the vacuum in the pump is.  A stronger vacuum will force more blood into your penis, expanding it more.

Even though it might be tempting to use the gaiter, which creates the strongest vacuum, it is very important that you work your way up to it. It is a bit like learning to run, you start out slow and when your body is ready for it you slowly increase pace.

There are 5 different gaiters available:

  • Purple – Force 60
  • Blue – Force 65
  • Black – Force 70
  • Grey – Force 75
  • Red – Force 80

You get all five gaiters when you buy the “Penomet Premium” package and three gaiters if you buy the “Penomet Extra” package and just one if you buy the standard package.

The price for the premium package is high but it essentially gives you five different penis pumps, and you don´t need to buy a larger model, once the one you have does not benefit you anymore.

I have made a short video about, how to change gaiters on your pump, since it can be a bit tricky the first couple of times.

The comfort strap

This strap only comes with the premium packages and it is a really handy addition. It basically lets you use both hands for other things like shaving, brushing your teeth, or use your phone, while using the pump.

All you need to do is:

  1. Put the strap around the top of your pump.
  2. Adjust the length of the cords so it fits you
  3. Put it over your head and let it rest on your neck

penomet comfort strap comes with the premium package

Is it safe to use?

Penis pumps are generally very safe to use, but you should always follow the guidelines in the manual.

Here are a few tips to avoid any problems:

  • Never use the pump more than 20 min. in a single day!
  • Take 1-2 days “off” every week to let your penis rest.
  • It will hurt if you create a vacuum that is too strong, just release a bit of pressure and you are good to go.


Here are some of the reasons I like this pump:

  • You will experience visible results after just 15 min. of use! (I literally went “WOW” after my first pumping session)
  • Get a strong and long lasting erection after only 5 minutes of use.
  • Permanent results when used regularly.
  • You can change gaiters when you need a stronger vacuum.
  • It can be used with, or without water.


Here are some of the things I don’t like about it (This is my personal opinion):

  • You need to remove the hair around your penis to get good suction
  • It is a pretty expensive pump (but good).

Cost and shipping

There are 3 different packages available:

  1. Standard with 1 gaiter – $127
  2. Extra with 3 gaiters – $197
  3. Premium with 5 gaiters + comfort strap – $297

To ensure privacy, the box will be delivered in a brown, unmarked box, right at your doorstep. Shipping time may vary depending on where you live.

penomet is shipped in a brown box with DHL

My Penomet tips:

The most important thing about penis pumps is to get a good seal, between you and the pump, so you avoid air or water getting in/out of your pump while you use it. Here is some good advice to get the perfect seal for good suction:

  • Shave the hair around your penis
  • Apply water to the bottom area (the area that touches your body) of the pump just before you put it on.
  • You can use Vaseline petroleum jelly (can be bought in a lot of stores for a couple of dollars) on the bottom area instead of water to get a better effect.
  • Losing some suction during use will happen with all penis pump, just pump one time to get a strong vacuum again.

Testimonials from other Penomet users

“Me and my wife is really happy”

“I have been using Penomet for 3 months with great results. Actually, the gains are even better than I have hoped for. So far I added close to 1.5 inches to the length making me and my wife really happy. The erections are harder and bigger, so I can please my honey better than before. No wonder she is always asking for more. Thank you!”

“Erectile dysfunction was a nightmare for me”

“Erectile dysfunction has become a real nightmare for me lately. Not able to perform properly, many times not at all, has almost destroyed my marriage. Thankfully, my doctor recommended me to try Penomet to treat the dysfunction. According to his words, this pump when used regularly should return that hard erection from the past. And guess what, after a month the erections have returned even stronger. I will continue to use the pump to keep them.”

“I am freaking loving your product”

“I am freaking loving your product! I purchased it only a week ago and already see the first results. I can’t wait for upcoming months as I am really curious how big my penis will get.”

Final thoughts

A Penomet penis pump is a really good solution if you want to increase your penis size or if you are struggling with erectile dysfunction. The pump is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s a really good product that will last you a long time.

I use the pump on a daily basis and I’m very happy with the results and how it works.

I personally recommend Penomet!

Do you have any questions about Penomet? Feel free to ask them in the comments or at [email protected]
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1 Q. An, Y.Q. Gu – 523 Vacuum erection device and Phosphodiesterase5 inhibitors for the treatment of erectile dysfunction 2018

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  1. This product is the most comfortable and effective system that l have used in 25 years
    In use in water or air it simply is beyond anything on the market l use this in conjunction with a secondary pump on top of the Penomet pump to achieve higher pumping suction.IT’S THE BOTTOM LINE IN PUMPING

  2. “It can be used with, or without water.”
    How long should Penomet be used if I use it like an air pump?

    1. Hi
      The amount of time is the same for both air and water, I recommend 15-20 min.
      Best regards,

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