June 30th, 2012Vindicatedby Dena Hunt

It’s humbling to state a political view and get so disagreed-with as I did and was in my Thursday post “What Disaster?” I know well that my political expertise wouldn’t fill a thimble, so the disagreement was not unexpected and evoked only my deferment. (However, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I’ve never believed my habitual lack of emotional involvement in politics necessarily bespeaks a lack of intellectual discernment …)  And today “The Anchoress” sees the outcome of the Supreme Court ruling in exactly the same way I did, almost the same words, only stronger, less tentative than my own. Ahhh, vindication …


Obama & Co. did not stage a coup and seize power in the U.S. This isn’t some South American country that likes a lot of drama in its politics. We live in a much duller clime (thank goodness), which means we have to go through the tedious business of marking ballots in place of shooting bullets. She puts it in much more judgmental language than I did, but the opinion is verbatim: It’s not the business of the Court to protect Americans from the consequences of their political choices. Her “longview” opinion is the same as my “longview” opinion.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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  • June 30 2012 | by Manny

    Oh your read Anchoress. I guess you can see my comments there. I comment frequently there. I even called her a Pangloss on this issue...lol.
  • July 1 2012 | by Recent Convert

    Vindication feels good, no?
    I'm kind of hoping your right, I hope this is not as bad as my uncle is making out to be!
    Whatever is and is not, I hope at least the blatantly anti-Catholic parts of the mandate are shot down.
    Oh, and Obama kicked from the White House this election.
    God, is that too much to ask for?
  • July 1 2012 | by Dena Hunt

    The last line of my post was cut off. It went:

    So there (sniff).

    Actually, I don't know what Roberts' motives were in his ruling, nor what those motives might say about him. It doesn't matter. The point is that, the Court having failed to be the obstacle many hoped it would be to the enactment of this healthcare law, there now remains only the voting booth. And I believe that's as it should be, whether or not Roberts holds that opinion as well, as he said he did.
  • July 1 2012 | by Dena Hunt

    I did indeed see the "pangloss" comment--verily!
    "Vindication" doesn't feel all that good, Manny. Too insecure. The fact is, I don't know. The consensus now seems to be that Roberts simply buckled under the infamous intimidating remarks made by Obama toward the SC. I don't know--that's between Roberts and his confessor now. It may be that a motive to "protect the integrity of the Court" was naive....

    The conservatives are anyhow galvanized now: VOTE!!