March 28th, 2012Update on the Lewis & Tolkien Film Projectby Joseph Pearce

Further to my recent post about the new film project on the friendship between Tolkien and Lewis, I've just received an update from the film's script-writer, Louis Markos. Here's the latest news on the project:

This is a follow up email to the email I sent you last weekend about the movie I co-wrote on C. S. Lewis. I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that I and my fellow producers have decided to end the kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the film. The GOOD news is that the reason we decided to end it is that we are currently in negotiation with a major studio, and it seemed more prudent at this time to focus on issues of production. This film WILL be made and made in a way that is faithful to Lewis and Tolkien.

I would ask, though, that you visit our movie website to keep informed on the film as it moves into production, and that you share this website with others. We will keep the site updated with new information as it becomes available. When we make things official with the studio and when we attach actors, actresses, and a director to the film, that information will be posted on the website. Thanks and blessings, and please keep us and the film in your prayers,


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  • March 29 2012 | by Recent Convert

    Excuse the silly slang, but SWEET!

    I have wanted to see a film about Tolkien and Lewis for years, but I never thought one would get made. Yet here we are, with a Tolkien/Lewis film due out next year, AND one that is actually faithful to who they were? Can I just say something...
    Thank you God.

    Fingers crossed that it will be good!