September 14th, 2012Tolkien Fever Grips New Zealandby Joseph Pearce

It seems that the magic of Middle-earth is once again working wonders for the toutist industry in New Zealand. A decade after the release of the Peter Jackson movie adpatation of The Lord of the Rings, the prospect of the long-awaited sequel, a three-part adaptation by Jackson of The Hobbit, is rekindling the flame of what might be termed Tolkien-mania. This entertaining article in today's Telegraph includes a short video tour of the set of The Hobbit and the official trailer for the forthcoming movie:

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  • September 16 2012 | by Abigail C. Reimel

    New Zealand also has a new commercial out right now about the country and trying to attract more tourists which ends by saying: "100% Middle-Earth, 100% New Zealand"!

    I am so excited!!! smile