July 13th, 2012The Savior of Scienceby Kevin O'Brien | http://www.thewordinc.org

Joseph Pearce points to an article at Crisis, which asserts that physics can prove that there is a God.  But I would suggest that this is as much of a mistake as asserting that physics can prove that there is no God.

If you've got an hour or so to spend, my performance as Fr. Stanley Jaki at the Portsmouth Institute Conference, here below, might provide a more reasoned assessment of what science can and cannot do when confronted with questions of creation, design and deity.





What are your thoughts on the subject?

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  • July 13 2012 | by James Morris

    If you put God in scientific terms like Fr Spitzer does, calling Him 'a Super Intelligent Agency' then I believe you can say,it is scientifically legitimate to say, that a Super Intelligent Agency MUST have been in operation at the beginning of the universe.
  • July 14 2012 | by Joseph Pearce

    Kevin, I agree with you and the late, great Father Jaki but I disagree with your disagreement with me. Please let me explain: I did not say that physics can prove the existence of God, what I said was that the assumption that physics could disprove the existence of God was wrong. A re-reading of my original post will exonerate me. You owe me a pint of ale as a suitable penance.