July 12th, 2012The Resurrection of the God of Physicsby Joseph Pearce

Last week I posted a link to an excellent BBC radio documentary about the priest scientist Georges Le Maitre who is accredited with positing the Big Bang Theory. In similar vein, this article in today's Crisis Magazine shows that statements by atheists, such as Stephen Hawking, that God is dead are proving premature, as shown by new discoveries in physics:


What are your thoughts on the subject?

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  • July 12 2012 | by James Morris

    I so like Fr Robert Spitzer. I remember him once on the Larry King show-maybe it was the same show with Hawking. Anyway, I think Mr King must have said something like you cannot prove God created the universe and Fr Robert took a deep breath and started to try and explain...but Larry couldn't wait, he they just wanted
    a 'soundbite'. So Father was cut off.
    The culture we live in.

    It takes a little time to explain the Anthropic Principle, the Argument from Space-Time Geometry, the argument from the second law of thermodynamics. Which the problem of entropy.