April 5th, 2012The Miracle of Lifeby Joseph Pearce

StAR's publisher, Bruce Fingerhut, just sent me this link. It's astonishing. It shows the development of a human baby from conception to birth using computer graphics. The images are beautiful in their own right, and well worth watching, but what I found most fascinating was the frank admission by this brilliant mathematician that the statistical odds against such a mechanism ever coming into being by accident were unthinkable, rationally speaking. He keeps using the word "magic" but once let slip the word "divinity". This nine minute video should be sufficient for any rational person to see through the nonsense of Dawkins and his superstitious and unscientific materialism.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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  • April 5 2012 | by William

    Beautiful! It is heartwarming when a person of science begins to understand that there is a divine plan at work.
  • April 5 2012 | by Maureen Tomaino

    The best I've ever seen on the subject thank you so much...I will pass this on to many!
  • April 5 2012 | by Gary Charles Hannasch

  • April 6 2012 | by George Johnston

    Absolutely brilliant! What a marvelous teaching tool. There is so much to be thankful to God for, such as life itself, intelligence the gift of learning, teachers like Ted. I'm in awe when I think of God's awsome ability, power and how he uses it to help, love and care for us.

    Thank you,
  • April 6 2012 | by Dan Grogan

    Amazing video