August 14th, 2012The Dry and the Livingby Pavel Chichikov

Recently, looking through my draft file, I came across an article I’d saved, published last April in the Wall Street Journal. It was an encouragement to all those who fear that the Catholic Church might be fading away, because it noted the increase in ordinations in many places in the United States. Here is the article:

The other day I read an article about a current gathering of nuns, whose organization appears to be at loggerheads with the Vatican. I won’t bother to link to that one, because I feel convinced that this rebellion is a transitory phenomenon. It has no future if in any way it detaches itself from the Magisterium.

It goes like this: Christ, true God and true man, is by His own testimony the way and the truth and the life. There is no other way. The mission of the Church is to offer Christ to the world.

Those who separate themselves from the Church separate themselves from the truth.

It’s not complicated.

Someone speaking to the assembled nuns said that there is perhaps a necessity to go beyond Jesus. That is to say, she is raising the possibility of losing the way to eternal life and joy, of finding lies instead of truth, of choosing death over life.

No thanks.

I’ll close with a poem about two ways:



I saw two channels scored in earth,

One ran clear, a printed brook,

The other dry and nothing worth,

Waterless, a print-less book


In one the letters of a flow,

Ripples, riddles, tides of rain,

The other geologic, slow

No breathing body could sustain


Separate channels side by side

Suggest a mystery unread,

As how the distance is not wide

Between the living and the dead


I mean not those who are deceased

Compared with those who move about,

But whose compassion has increased

Compared with those who die of drought



August 10, 2012


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