September 25th, 2012Snergs, Hobbits and Whizzing Biscuitsby Joseph Pearce

If nothing else, the title of this post must rate as one of the oddest ever to grace the pages of the Ink Desk. For those confused by the unlikely connection between snergs, hobbits and baked projectiles the answer is to be found in the comment posted to a very old post of mine entitled "What Would Tolkien Read?", posted way back on June 5th. Since the comment was unlikely to be read by many people, marooned as it was in the dim recessess of the archives that time has forgotten, I've resurrected it for the delectation of Ink Desk visitors. Without further ado, I invite you to read on:


September 24 2012 | by Daniel McInerny

Tolkien records both his and his children's love of E.A. Wyke-Smith's THE MARVELLOUS LAND OF SNERGS, which Tolkien credits as one source of inspiration for THE HOBBIT. Published in 1928, it has recently (2006) been reissued by Dover Books. 

Also, would Joseph and the group excuse a little self-promotion if I suggest my own humorous series of Kingdom of Patria books for middle grade readers? Available now as ebooks, print books will be available this Fall. There's also an unabridged audiobook of the first book in the series, STOUT HEARTS & WHIZZING BISCUITS. Go to for details. 

P.S. Joseph, I just read THE QUEST FOR SHAKESPEARE and loved it!

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