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  • May 8 2012 | by Kevin O'Brien

    Sophia, it's good to know that I'm not the only crabby Catholic out there.

    First, we have a very reverent Latin Ordinary Form Mass every Sunday at St. Mary of Victories here in St. Louis - http://www.catholic-forum.com/churches/299stmary/ - with a top-notch schola and excellent homilies by Fr. Harrison of the Oblates of Wisdom.

    Second, I participated in an adult religious ed event last night at a suburban parish. Most of the attendees were old ladies who had been catechized before Vatican II (except it seems they weren't) and who had grown up with the old Mass. They were apparently as lost when it comes to knowing Catholicism 101 as your typical teen-age confirmation candidate, who has been raised on the Ordinary Form and post-Vatican II sensibilities.

    When the rad trads (radical traditionalists) tell you that all was peachy during the Latin Mass days, don't believe them for a minute.
  • May 9 2012 | by Sophia Mason

    Huh. You may be crabby, but I'm crabbier. When I take the trouble. wink

    Good to know the LNO exists in places other than the Arlington Diocese!

    Yes, I've seen age cut both ways. One the one hand, there are the older Catholics (my college prof. comes to mind--he's in his mid 80s) who were very well catechized; on the other, you have folks born around 1940 who should know better ... and don't. And then you have weird outliers like my mother, who was born in the mid fifties and therefore should be crazy ... but who apparently got a top-notch Catholic education, since she happened to attend one of the last decent parochial schools.

    I think we can't consider the revolution of the 60's without asking how the heck it could have happened so suddenly? --Answer: it didn't. Things had been going downhill culturally for some time.-- But it's hard on the internet working in chunks of 1000 words to present a complex, coherent, nuanced thesis ...