January 14th, 2013Petition Against Redefinition of Marriage in Englandby Robert Asch

Over 1000 British priests have protested - in an open letter to the Daily Telegraph - against the government's proposal to redefine marriage. The signatories include only four of our more than twenty active Bishops. This is a moment of great significance for the Church in England and Wales:



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  • January 16 2013 | by Deacon Don Bourgeois

    Trying to change the will of God and His design for human love is at best plain sad and silly. Since the beginning of creation of man God's plan for survival of the species is in the context of marriage between a man and his wife that is meant to be pro-created. To attempt to change God's will by changing the definition of marriage is the Sin of Pride. Man rejecting God and wanting to be greater than God. So,
    I guess if you reject God in the first place and deny His Authority over us then I see where this comes from.