October 10th, 2012More Popular Than Jesus?by Joseph Pearce

Back in the 1960s John Lennon claimed that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. In this, as in so little else, he could be seen to be a prophet. It was, for instance, sickeningly noteworthy that the closing rite of the London Olympics culminated in Lennon's imagining that there was no religion. Equally noteworthy, and equally sickening, was the realization that the secular fundamentalism of modern Britain precluded any possibility of the presence of Christ in the Olympian debauch. Now a collection of relics of John Lennon, lovingly assembled by one of his legion of disciples, is being sold as a collective icon of this god of the rock that rolls. Thankfully it has been received with howls of derision by those who refuse to genuflect before Lennon's narcissistic altar. A damning review of the new reliquary can be found in the following link. Although the review is good in itself, the most heartening response to the publication of such banal nonsense is to be found in the very entertaining comments that have been posted to it. As we read these comments, it reminds us that modern secularism has replaced the Christian God with strange gods of very questionable taste.   

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