June 6th, 2012It Really Is About Religious Freedom …by Dena Hunt

… and not about contraception at all. Nothing here is new. It’s been done before and with great success.

All in the world we’re going to do is pass this unimportant small piece of legislation that says we will have England’s church as the official church in England. What on earth could be more reasonable than that? After all, the Queen is a model of tolerance—she has even said that she will not inquire into her subjects’ private beliefs.

It really is about religious freedom …

… and not about “gay” people at all. So the Catholic adoption agencies now (and soon, by the same legal reasoning, Catholic schools, hospitals, and all other Catholic institutions) will have to close. So what? It’s been done before…and with great success:

The monasteries are on English soil, after all, so they’re the property of the King, anyway. He’s head of the church in England now. The land, the buildings, and all their contents go into the King’s treasury. So the people who have lived and farmed on those lands for hundreds of years will just get another place—so what? So all the sick, elderly, and disabled who’ve had a haven there will just find another haven—so what? We’ll take care of them. Yes, I know the country is crawling will vagrants and beggars now that we’ve closed the monasteries, but we can just make vagrancy a crime—THAT will take care of them.

Could it be that it really is about religious freedom …

… and not about the Catholic Church at all?

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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