August 6th, 2014God Provides: Good News from Englandby Joseph Pearce

When I lived in England there was much talk of a vocations crisis. There was a dangerous shortage of priests and the seminaries were largely empty. The doom-mongers predicted the end of the Church as we knew Her, prophesying that the gates of hell were about to prevail. Then, beyond all apparent hope, almost 400 new priests seemed to fall on the the Church in England like manna from heaven. The cause was the disintegration of the Anglican church in the wake of its decision to ordain women and the conversion of hundreds of Anglican clergy to the Catholic Church.

As heresy wreaks havoc on Anglicanism, the Faith of our Fathers is being blessed with the heavenly fall-out. Deo gratias!

For full details of the wave of Anglican clergy who have converted to Catholicism, follow this link:

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