July 6th, 2012Book Newsby Joseph Pearce

Within the past few minutes, I've sent the manuscript of a new book, tentatively titled "Bilbo's Pilgrimage: The Christianity of The Hobbit"  to my publisher, Saint Benedict Press. The plan is to have it published in time for the release of the first part of Peter Jackson's movie adaptation of The Hobbit this December.

I'm also pleased to announce the publication of the Ignatius Critical Edition of St. Augustine's Confessions, which is the 23rd title to be published in the series.

Yesterday I received in the mail a copy of Reading God's Handwriting: Poems by the very fine Catholic poet, Philip C. Kolin, and published by that equally fine publisher, Kaufmann Publishing. Highly recommended as is everything published by Kaufmann.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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  • July 7 2012 | by marty

    Are there any resources for parents helping their children in the younger tween years(8,10) understand The Hobbit? I will read the book aloud to them but want to be able to point out some significant parts to them.
  • July 7 2012 | by Recent Convert

    Jospeh Pearce on The Hobbit?! I'm there! I have no books about The Hobbit dealing with it's Christianity, so I'll be glad that my first is by the great Joseph Pearce! No butt kissing here, I really have got alot out of your work Mr. Pearce, you have my thanks sir!
    On a side note...I had no idea a publisher could get a book out in this short of time (guess my understanding of the whole process is only colored by major publishers and fiction works).
    On another side note, I'm so hyped for this Hobbit film! I just hope it's good.

    As for Augustine's Confessions, I found out about the Ignatius critical edition from Amazon.com about a week ago. I have seen some really poor critical editions of Confessions (and by poor I mean ruined by the usual ideological agendas: really, why exactly am I repeatedly told about Augustine's supposed hatred of sexuality? I guess he was just not "sex postive" enough for some people...). So I'm glad to see an orthodox publisher doing an orthodox critical edition! And speaking of Amazon.com and Ignatius critical editions, it's sad but a good number of the books have lower (review) ratings on the site thanks to essentially one guy who has a beef with orthodoxy and goes around ranting about them, giving them scathing reviews. Hopefully his rants don't turn people away, I think the Ignatius editions have much to offer!
  • July 8 2012 | by Joseph Pearce

    R.C., Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words.

    Marty, I hope my new book on The Hobbit will serve as the resource you are seeking.