June 29th, 2012Announcing My New Position at Thomas More Collegeby Joseph Pearce

I am delighted to announce that I have accepted a new position with Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire (www.thomasmorecollege.edu). I have been appointed as a Visiting Fellow and as Writer-in-Residence and will commence teaching in the coming Fall semester. I have a long-standing friendship with, and admiration for, William Fahey, the College President, and Christopher Blum, the Dean, both of whom I have known since their days at Christendom College. I am truly delighted and very excited to be part of the same Faculty as these wonderfully learned and devoutly orthodox men. I'm also excited to be part of such a dynamic hub at the centre of the New Evangelization. Thomas More College is not only a Catholic liberal arts school of the first rank and highest order but is also associated with Crisis Magazine and Sophia Institute Press. I feel that I am entering into the very heart of all that is best in contemporary Catholicism and will be joining a band of culture warriors who are defending the Faith robustly against the rising tide of secular fundamentalism. I hope I prove worthy to fight in their ranks.

On a sadder note, my move to Thomas More College ends my eleven year association with Ave Maria University in Florida. I have deep respect for the Faculty at AMU and wish them every success in the future.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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  • June 29 2012 | by Kevin O'Brien

    Congratulations, Joseph! I'm sure the students and faculty at AMU will miss you. Thomas More College has made an important stride with this move.
  • June 29 2012 | by Paul Adams

    Oh Joseph! Congratulations, it sounds like a great place and you will make a terrific contribution. But we'll miss you here in Ave. I was so looking forward to your return in the fall, exchanging reminiscences and commiserating, over some real ale, on the state of our native land.
  • June 29 2012 | by Dena Hunt

    Good move! both for you and for TMC.

    Apologies to Naples residents, but, oh Lord, what a wasteland. I can never understand how people live without trees. Palms don't count. They're not trees--they're palmetto bushes on sticks.
  • June 29 2012 | by Manny

  • July 1 2012 | by Recent Convert

    Congratulations Mr. Pearce! And good luck at your new college!

    Dang! Going from Florida to New Hampshire, talk about a huge leap in enviroment! But then you did make the leap from the UK to Florida, didn't you? I'm sure you'll manage! smile
    And I'm sure they could use you up there in NH, lots of secular fundamentalists in the New England territories I'm told.

    So let me get this straight...you left England, only to end up in New England?
    Heheh, forgive me, I could not help it. :D
  • July 2 2012 | by Joseph Pearce

    Thanks everyone for your kind and encouraging comments.

    Paul, I was also looking forward to sharing Brit-talk over a few pints of real ale with you. You'll be missed!

    RC, Your quip about England to New England reminds me of a story an English friend told me about his visit to the Deep South a few years ago. A redneck asked him where he was from. My friend replied "England". The redneck looked interested and asked my friend where exactly was England in New England. Hard to believe but my friend swears that this conversation took place!
  • July 2 2012 | by Paul Adams

    Joseph, your story about England/New England reminds me of a conversation I had when I arrived at the University of Texas at Austin for my first full-time academic job. The exchange with the dean's secretary went (exactly) like this:

    - where you from anyway?
    - London [I figured it was better known than Brighton, my home town 50 miles to the south]
    - Oh that's in Europe, isn't it, like Paris? I'd love to go there. Say, where did you learn to speak English?
    - er, well, it's my mother tongue
    - so how come you speak with such an accent?

    Nothing like a conversation of that sort to bring home to a chap the decline of empire!
  • July 2 2012 | by Abigail C. Reimel

    Congratulations, Mr. Pearce!

    Thomas More College has no idea how blessed they are to have a learned and devout man like yourself joining their staff. May God bless your move and your time at TMC!
  • July 2 2012 | by Recent Convert


    Hahah! Great stories, the both of you! :D
  • December 6 2013 | by Seamus Kennedy

    Have seen you many times on EWTN... great stuff!!
    I edit a weekly Catholic magazine in Ireland and I'd love to do a writeup on your book... have you anything you could send me...
    it's a free weekly magazine called The Open Door ... website WWW.THEOPENDOOR.IE
    well done.