September 20th, 2012A Musical Oasis in the Ghettoby Joseph Pearce

In a recent post I commented on the beauty of the liturgy at the London Oratory, particularly at the 11am Latin Mass. Yesterday, whilst listening in the car to Paul Paray's sublime "Pastorale de Noël", I was reminded of the beautiful liturgy at the Assumption Grotto in Detroit, a veritable oasis of sanity and sanctity in the midst of the madness of the motown ghetto.usic aficionados might know that Paray was the celebrated conductor of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra during the 1960s but this is not the connection to which I am referring. The connection is that the wonderful music gracing my ears as I drove to and from the gym was performed by the choir and orchestra of Assumption Grotto, conducted by Father Eduard Perrone. I am quite frankly astounded that a single Catholic church can rejoice in such a wealth of talent. The quality of the CD, which also includes Paray's "Jeanne d'Arc Oratorio", is exemplary. I have no more words to describe the wonders of Paray's music, nor the quality of the performance. I will simply urge all those who nurture a love for the beauty of Catholic culture and who wish to ascend to the heights to which it can carry the human spirit to obtain a copy of this CD. For more details visit the Assumpiton Grotto website:

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