January 19th, 2013A Beautiful Symmetryby Pavel Chichikov

In a lovely decision – I can think of no better way of describing it – a Polish court has ruled against a law suit by an anti-clerical political party which sought to have a crucifix removed from display in the Polish Parliament.

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Accusing the complaining party of intolerance, the judge’s decision makes a beautifully symmetrical imprint on the cultural war now going on in Europe and elsewhere. Those who accuse others of intolerance are themselves revealed to be intolerant.

In debates with atheists, agnostics and other busybodies on blogs, we become familiar with their haughty assumption that everyone agrees with their premises: No God, no life but this one, no natural law, and only the details of public policy need be discussed.

They need to be reminded that we do not accept their premises, which are really classic examples of question begging.

In rational debate – and they claim to have a patent on reason – one is not permitted to present an argument as proven until it is actually upheld as true. If you try to get away with sneaking in an unsupported premise as proven, you are begging the question.

OK, good for Poland, still very much predominantly Catholic. The rest of us will have a more strenuous time on the defense, but we need not concede that rubbish is truth you can bank on.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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